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Touching HOPE Dog Rescue // Happy World Stray Animals Day (4th April 2013)

Today, 4th April is World Stray Animals DayThe Day for Compassion, Care and Action for Stray Animals Worldwide.


Spotted on my newsfeed today were several updates from my favorite dog support/rescue group – HOPE Dog Rescue: Jurong Town Council Conducts Initiative to Curb Stray Dog’s Population

First up, apparently the Jurong Town Council pasted this notice on 3rd April – which is ironically one day before World Stray Animals Day.

Please write in to enquiry@jrtc.org.sg or call the hotline at 1800-561-7776 to protest against this unnecessary act of cruelty
HOPE Dog Rescue

And if you didn’t know what their ‘initative to curb the stray dogs’ populations‘ means..well, it means that they were planning to cull any stray dogs that they see at the forested area next to Bukit Batok MRT Station.

Like you, upon reading this – I was horrified and ENRAGED. Those poor innocent dogs..

Last night on 3rd April 2013, Hope Dog Rescue apparently arranged to have some volunteers to come help save some of the dogs. Pictured here, as taken from Hope Dog Rescue, are a crowd of concerned animal lovers:

 The poor dogs have been cornered at the top of a hill, crying for help. We can hear the distress in their barks, and see torch lights inside the forested area.
Hope Dog Rescue

Also joined with the volunteers was Derrick Tan from Voices for Animals as they set out to rescue as many dogs as they could. And as taken from Derrick Tan’s Facebook, they were able to rescue 7 puppies!

A pack of dogs were sighted at the hill, and supposingly has been complaint by the residents, hence pest control were being engaged. when we were there, people mentioned that the pest control had caught some, and few were ran down by vehicle while escaping from them (according to the people there) so me together with the volunteers from HOPE Dog Rescue decided to try our luck to see if we could help the dogs by looking out for traps left by the trapper.

The 7 rescued puppies!

the slope was steep and slippery, we made our way op the hill, and saw the dogs, they were running away from us and were all petrified, we then walked around the area, we didn’t find anything amiss, as we were searching, dogs were barking away, and it all went silence, thats the time i heard puppies whining, and could smell the puppies nesting, so e and the volunteer Shawn decided to try our luck by following the whine of the puppies, we heard them and cries were louder, we shine our torch light down the other corner of the steep slope and the whining came from there. it was covered with deep vegetation and trees, and was about few meter steep downwards, we then work together to find our way down. 

Puppies spotted!

To our surprise, we found 7 puppies (about 1 month plus) at the corner of a sheltered and well concealed and covered tree, the mother dog was not around, and puppies were crying. 

Derrick Tan from Voices For Animals carrying his rescued bundle of 7 puppies

So i shouted , “found 7 puppies” and was so happy that we spotted them, i was trying to grab the puppies but there were to many of them, so we had to man made a bag by using a t-shirt and here you go with the pictures on the made bag actually contained 7 puppies in it. 

Credits:Derrick Tan Facebook

>> Click HERE to read the ENTIRE story written by Hope Dog Rescue Volunteers <<
>> Click HERE to read the ENTIRE story written by Hope Dog Rescue Volunteers <<

Kudos to HOPE Dog Rescue volunteers and Derrick Tan for saving these lovely puppies!


Moving forward, HOPE Dog Rescue is URGENTLY looking for RESPONSIBLE and REAL fosterers or adopters to foster/adopters these beautiful puppies

3 males and 4 females

To adopt / foster these puppies, please email fiona@hopedogrescue.org or leskok@ymail.com

Please do not come forth to offer to foster/adopt them if you are not SERIOUS about taking care of a puppy. They are a responsibility, not a WHIM just because they are really small, cute and adorable now. Also, they are most likely NOT to be HDB-approved (to be confirmed).

If like me, you can’t adopt or foster the puppies, you can still help by sharing their Facebook post HERE.

I really, really hope they will go to good homes. So don’t buy, always adopt!

Happy World Stray Animals Day(:

In response to the dog lovers’ concerns, a spokesperson for Jurong Town Council made the following statement:

“Jurong Town Council has received several complaints from residents on the increased number of stray dogs in the forested area in Bukit Batok. Residents have given feedback that these dogs are becoming more aggressive, and there were some incidents of the strays chasing after residents.

“The problem on the strays has been around for a few years, but only more prevalent recently. Residents have raised concerns and urged for quick actions before any residents especially the young children or elderly residing nearby, were harmed by these dogs.

“Jurong Town Council has ceased our operations last night and we have engaged the Cats Welfare Society to help us resolve this problem. In fact, we are happy to inform the public that the Cats Welfare Society has assisted in finding shelter for seven of the stray dogs.

“We are not into culling of these stray animals and will continue to work closely with dog lovers and interest groups like Cats Welfare Society to seek alternative solutions to the stray dogs problem in Bukit Batok estate.”

Till later,
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