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Man stabbed to death after trying to rob S’pore businessman in Malaysia

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Man stabbed to death after trying to rob S’pore businessman in Malaysia

A suspected robber was stabbed to death after he and an accomplice, who were both armed, tried to grab a slingbag off the shoulder of a Singaporean businessman on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Shin Min Daily reported that the robber was stabbed in his thigh although it is unclear how this happened.

The Singaporean businessman — identified by the paper as an Alan Wong — was heading for a bite with two subordinates on Tuesday afternoon (Apr 4) when a robber armed with a parang came out of a car that pulled up nearby and went for the Singaporean’s slingbag.Wong refused to give in to the robber, and got into a struggle with him. Seeing this, his male subordinate came over to help him.However, another robber also armed with a parang came out to help his partner who was overpowered by the two.

In the midst of the ensuing struggle, Wong was reportedly slashed on his fingers, and suffered multiple stab wounds to the chest while the robber took a stab to his thigh. Wong’s subordinate came away with cuts and bruises as well.

It is unclear how the robber sustained the injury. One Malaysian news outlet reported that Wong may have managed to wrestle the knife into his hands and stab him, while another Malaysian news outlet said that the robber may have inflicted the wound on himself.The robber was then taken away by his accomplice, and left at a private hospital where he died after receiving treatment.

Wong was reported to be in a stable condition, and should be able to be discharged from hospital in a couple of days.
The Malaysian police are investigating this case as a robbery.

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But seriously, can a person die from being stabbed in the thigh? I’m honestly wondering what were the real events that transpired in this case.
Don’t you agree? ;/

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  1. Yes, if the stab wound is deep enough, it could cut an atery in the thigh that will lead to loss of blood. Will die a slow death. ;D

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