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Blogger Xiaxue Gives Birth! // Congratulations!

I’ve always been a long time fan of Xiaxue because of many reasons. And of course, many others may have a different opinion, so I respect that(: Though I don’t read her blog as often, I do drop by occasionally just to look at her pretty pictures and basically everything else that she posts. She’s interesting!(:

Anyway, so most of us know that she was pregnant and well, if you didn’t know..she finally she gave birth recently via C-section(:

Blogger Xiaxue gives birth to baby boy

SINGAPORE – Celebrity blogger Wendy Cheng, also known by her online moniker Xiaxue, has given birth to a baby boy this afternoon at Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

A photo of Cheng hugging the baby close to her was posted on online video network Clicknetwork’s Facebook page. Cheng had authorised the crew to film the delivery process which will be featured on her ‘Xiaxue’s Guide to Life’ Youtube series. Her husband Mike Sayre, dressed in hospital gown, was standing behind mother and child in the picture.

Having a Baby (Part 3) – Xiaxue’s Guide To Life: EP137

She had previously announced on her blog that her son will be named Dashiel Marquet Sayre.

Before the pint-sized blogger went into labour, she tweeted actively on social media platform Twitter that her baby would be out by 3pm and commented on post-labour scarring. On one of her tweets, she said that she was staying in the same room as local actress Zoe Tay when she was in labour.

Earlier in the day, she also visited her doctor and he reported the baby was weighing at 3.25kg.

Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao quoted excerpts of Cheng’s interview with The New Paper, she said she had received well-wishes when she announced her pregnancy. Her fans were so delighted with her news that they cried after reading her announcement. During her pregnancy, she was criticised for undergoing colour treatment on her long locks. Her doctor had confirmed that it was safe to colour her hair but some readers wrote in to curse her for doing so. People have even cursed her to miscarry.

However, she was not bothered as she received more heartfelt and congratulatory messages than ill-wishes.When asked if she was worried her son’s opinion of her will be affected by the online media and her previous furors, she said she had no regrets.She explained that there was no reason to be worried as she was in the spotlight for her views and not a sex tape scandal.

Even before the birth of her son, Cheng has already accepted endorsement deals as much as $25,000. A diaper company reportedly asked to feature her son as their poster baby for their products and Cheng was also offered a post-pregnancy slimming deal.

When asked if she was nervous being a mother, Cheng said she doesn’t believe anybody can be 100 per cent prepared for motherhood. She added that being a mother is a total lifestyle change which can be unnerving for anybody. However, she said she had a good nine months to be prepared so she should be fine.

This is the first child for both Cheng, 28, and her husband, Mike Sayre, 31. The couple got married in 2010.

Article Credits: AsiaOne News

Throughout the whole video, I was smiling because she was pretty funny, but of course the touching moment will definitely be when she asked to hold Dashiel(:

And well, it’s a little late, but still.. congratulations Xiaxue and Mike!(:


P.s don’t hate the baby please! Dashiel is such a cute baby! ;/

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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