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My First Ever DSLR – Canon EOS 450D (EOS Rebel XSi)!

I’ve been pestering the bf since like FOREVER to get me a DSLR because well, I’ve always loved taking pictures and well, to be honest, when I was younger, I even aspired to be a photographer (as mentioned HERE)! Anyway, now that I’m blogging more actively and most importantly, I’m my own photographer for my online shop, I knew that it was time for me to finally invest in a DSLR!(:

But before that, I just have to give my thanks to my awesome cousin, who loaned me his Nikon D80 for my first GlamPuss studio photoshoot a couple of weeks ago!

Nikon D80

Sneak peek of the behind the scenes photoshoot coming up in a post real soon yeah, I had a rather rough time there actually..>_<! But to whet your appetite a’s one – which I’m using in my current advertorial post.

Finalized Photo (After Editing)

But enough with that, moving on..because my mom came nagging at me daily to return the camera back to my cousin since it’s not mine..yeah, I did my research and asked around to get myself a camera.

However, these were the main that arise while I was looking around:

  • Stick with a Nikon and upgrade to an N90 or D7000?
  • Try a Canon instead? Heard it’s more user-friendly than a Nikon. But if so..which one?
  • Invest in a good or just a decent secondhand camera?
  • Where to purchase a secondhand camera with trustworthy sellers?

In the end, after much comparisons, debating, etc..I decided to settle for a..

Canon EOS 450D / EOS Rebel XSi

And I just met up with the seller, Adrian from ClubSnap Forums to deal today(:

And now..behold my very own DSLR!(:

  • I know it’s not very new – it’s a rather old model
  • It’s not that fantastic but I’ve read the reviews and I quite like it
  • Despite being secondhand, the condition is almost mint 10/10 – no scratches, fungus or anything I could spot
  • Considering to invest in some lens, but I think I’ll stick with the kit ones for now
  • I know that it’s lameeeee to be so enthu about this camera, but I’m just really proud of it especially since I bought it with my own money (LOL usually I’ll get the bf to buy it!) and basically..I can’t wait to master it soon

I paid $300 if you were wondering(:

Came with everything in the box – almost mint condition. Like new!
And the box too!(:

Saying my last good bye to my cousin’s Nikon D80 before I pack it up and pass it back to him.

Byebye Nikon D80 🙁

Just some comparisons between these two:

Nikon D80 on the left, Canon EOS 450D on the right (duh(:)
My new baby is smaller, lighter and just less bulkier! But less zoom cos of the lens 🙁

Hello baby!

Canon EOS 450D

Ehh..and with regards to the sample photos, yes I did test it out, but LOL, they’re pretty cui, however, I’m just going to post them up! 

All taken at night of course, can’t wait to test it out in the daylight and on FOOOOOOD!

What sorcery is this, my ah piak has two heads!
ah piak just kept moving and moving in front of me for a pet >_<
ah meow spotted something
a cockroach in the drain – that was what ah meow spotted!

HAHAHHAAH pretty bad I know!

Well, I’m still learning and looking forward to my upcoming photoshoot in a few weeks(: Meanwhile, stay tuned my previous behind the scene photoshoot! ^^

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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