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FB post accusing man of raping 17 women in Jurong is unsubstantiated, says Police

Was going to refrain from posting much as it’s April Fool’s and I don’t want to post false news. But WA I saw this on both STOMP & AsiaOne News and I don’t think it’s unreal, so I would like to share.

FB post accusing man of raping 17 women in Jurong is unsubstantiated, says Police

In response to a facebook user’s allegations that a man had raped 17 women in Jurong, the Singapore Police Force has stated that no such incident has been reported, and warns the public against circulating unsubstantiated information that might cause unnecessary alarm.

The facebook posting also alleged that the man, an ‘RSM from Bedok Camp’, has gone ‘AWOL due to his case’. 

STOMPer Ashley came across the accusatory post on facebook and commented:


“Irresponsible guy posts hoax on facebook.
“Saw a photo posted by a guy on facebook saying that the man in the picture raped 17 girls in Jurong.
“His photo received more than 1,500 shares.
“It is very irresponsible of the guy to spread such untrue rumours and caused panic.
“Also, can you imagine the mental torture the poor guy in the photo is going through by being labelled a rapist?”

The Police has confirmed that it has not received any report of such incident. It said in a response on the Singapore Police Force facebook page:


Police records show that there is no such incident reported.

Article Credits: STOMP Singapore & AsiaOne

Frankly I feel pretty sorry for that guy and I think that the initial poster was trying to get him into trouble or doing it out of vengeance or revenge? Oh and at this moment it’s been shared more than 1,500 times on Facebook, so it’s getting rather viral.

I always say that social media can be a double edged sword, and this is like a perfect example to showcase why.

For example, this is a rather different from the initial case which I shared – The Sheikh Ridhuan one because well, for the mentioned case, there is evidence as seen via smses and email communications between the two parties involved. But for this one – it’s just plain accusations.

And well, since the Police have said so, just take note of this post if you see it circulating and NOT share it as it’s untrue.

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