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EventNook: Online Event Registration Tool // Advertorial

Have you ever heard of EventNook?

About EventNook

EventNook is an event organizing tool to empower events with a simple and effective online registration & ticketing tool.

If you have any upcoming events and you are looking for a simple but powerful solution for your event registration, we will definitely be your partner to help you!

Here’s the overview of it’s features and how exactly it can work for you:

And onwards to the pricing – basically it’s free for free events, but for paid events – e.g need tickets, there’s a charge of 2.5% of your ticket price & an extra 30 cents (non inclusive of Paypal fees), but the ticket fee is capped at $9 max(:

So I went on to try to test out EventNook by setting up a sample event. *hint*

GlamPuss will be collaborating with Art of Beaute to give away S$300 worth of prizes this month, and I’m going to reveal the prizes in this blog post!(:

Step 1:
You start off by signing up with EventNook before clicking on +Create an Event. Then start filling up the event information as seen below!(:

Step 2:

You fill up the necessary details as follows with regards to payment. Oh and you can choose if people were to pay via Paypal or iBanking for your ticketsunless it’s free of course(:

Step 3:

Create your ticket type, e.g for my case, the winners of the GlamPuss x Art of Beaute giveway will have to pay a refundable ticket of $10 which will be returned to them when they attend the workshop!(:

Step 4:

Here you can choose to customize your registration formwhich you want your event attendees to fill up, or you can always stick to the basic template.

Step 5

One of the last steps is to upload a logo for branding or add a page to input more information (if necessary).

Finally, you review your event before making it public! 





And basically, this is how the Event Registration Page by EventNook will look like when you’re done(:

For the registrants to purchase tickets, it’s a really simple procedure as you can see(:

There’s also a dashboard for you to access for every event to track your ticket orders!

Ah and if you were wondering..EventNook can be integrated into Facebook and it can really useful, especially if you have tickets to sell.

Take a look at this real life event example..
(Tickets all sold out btw and through EventNook)

Overall Review:
EventNook looks to me to be very user friendly in terms of creating an event of any sorts (private or public) and best of all, can be integrated into your existing Facebook Events page especially if you need to sell tickets. It is also very useful in doing your tracking of payment and number of attendees and it makes payment for the tickets convenient for both you and your attendees in exchange for a small fee.

Hence, I would say that it’s a great option to consider to use especially if:

  • You don’t have a Facebook account to create an event where attendees can indicate their interest to join (whether it’s a free event or not)
  • You have a Facebook account that can create a Facebook event but you need to sell the tickets online. Here’s where you can ask people to purchase tickets through EventNook and you can keep track of that!(:

If you’re interested to create an event like I did below:

>> Click HERE to check out EventNook <<
>> Click HERE to start creating your own event to try out! <<
>> Click HERE to check out EventNook’s Facebook Page <<

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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