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Unmuzzled Doberman attacks maid near supermart — leaving 10 cm gash on arm // OMG!


Owner told maid bitten by unmuzzled Doberman not to scream or it’ll get angrier

The owner of an unmuzzled Doberman which lunged at a maid and attacked her in Tampines on Mar 28 had told the victim not to scream, as the dog would just get angrier.

In an earlier STOMP report, STOMPer Jerome said that his domestic helper sustained a total of five injuries on her arm from the attack, including a 10cm gash that left her flesh exposed.

Miss Luzviminda Villarosa Saberon, 31, had been heading back from a supermarket with a fellow maid yesterday at about 10am.

As they were walking below the elevated MRT tracks, they saw a man walking an unmuzzled dog which looked like a doberman pinscher. It lunged at Miss Saberon when they had almost passed by.

“When I felt the pain, I screamed The owner kept telling me ‘don’t scream, it (the dog) will get more angry’.”

The dog bit into her arm for about 15 seconds before the owner was able to pull it off and put a muzzle on it.

“I pulled my hand away. It was very painful. The flesh was like minced pork and all my flesh had come out,” recalled Miss Saberon.

A passer-by called the police and an ambulance, as well as took down the contact number of the dog’s owner.

Miss Saberon, who was taken to the Intensive Care Unit at Changi General Hospital (CGH) and later transferred to a ward, said she is worried that her wound will affect her ability to perform heavy tasks and that it might not heal completely.

Her employer, Mr Jerrome Chan, 48, rushed down to the hospital after he learnt of the incident. When he tried to contact the dog’s owner, the owner put down the phone after saying he could only visit Miss Saberon later in the day due to work reasons.

The owner hung up a second time after Mr Chan called to ask him to account for the incident. He apologised after visiting Miss Saberon at CGH at about 1.30pm.

Article Credits: STOMP Here


As always, spotted this news on STOMP and I was like OMG!

Unmuzzled Doberman attacks maid near supermart — leaving 10 cm gash on arm

Warning: The image for this article is graphic, viewer discretion is advised.

STOMPer Jerrome was horrified to find that his domestic helper sustained a total of five injuries on her arm from a dog attack, the most serious of which was a 10cm gash that left her flesh exposed.

We have digitally blurred the maid’s injury as it was too gory.

According to the STOMPer, the man had left his dog unmuzzled, and only put on the muzzle after the incident. Despite the seriousness of her wound, he simply gave her money and told her to go to a doctor herself.

“My maid was attacked by an unmuzzled Doberman dog while walking to the NTUC supermarket in Tampines. She was walking below the MRT tracks with another maid, when a man came along with the dog leashed, but unmuzzled. The dog bit her arm, leaving a 10cm long gash, another 5cm long wound and three smaller injuries on her arm. Her wounds were serious as the flesh of her arm was left exposed. After the incident, the man muzzled his dog and simply gave my maid some money to go to a doctor. 

He then tried to leave the scene. But thankfully another man nearby heard her screams and came to help. He also prevented the dog owner from leaving the scene. It is not right for the man to have treated a maid like a nobody.

We have filed a police report, and my maid is currently in ICU at Changi Hospital. She is in a state of shock and was crying.

Credits: STOMP Singapore

I hope that the owner of the Doberman gets punished very soon due to his irresponsible of not muzzling his doberman. Plus according to our laws:

A separate group – Category B dogs – must be leashed and muzzled at all times when in public. Category B animals are:
Bull Mastiff;
Bull Terrier;
Doberman Pinscher
German Shepherd or related Shepherd Dog breeds;.
Perro de Presa Canario
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And I hear that the maximum fine for the offense of not muzzling one of these breeds in a public space is S$5000 (Singapore dollars).

Now it was a maid who got bitten, but what if it was a child instead? It is so dangerous!

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  1. I personally think that if yoyr gonna have certin dogs muzzled just Becuase of there back ground story. Then you should have all dogs muzzled
    I didn’t see a chiuaua on that list. Yoy never know they can attack too. So pugs or labs, any dog can

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