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P4 girl paralyzed on one side of body after electric bike knocked her down

Updated: 9/4/13

Faith Naval’s family is appealing for donations to help fund her hospital medical bills, therapies and other essentials.

>> Click HERE to read the appeal <<
>> Click HERE to read the appeal <<
>> Click HERE to read the appeal <<


Spotted this on STOMP just now:

P4 girl paralyzed on one side of body after electric bike knocked her down

A nine-year-old girl has suffered temporary paralysis to one side of her body after she was knocked down by an electric biike in February.

According to a Shin Min Daily report, Faith Naval — currently a Primary Four student — was crossing the road near her school with her 12-year-old sister, Kimberly when the bike hit her.

Kimberly was quoted as saying: “I believed my sister may have been tripped the wheel of the bike, and that the bike dragged her for at least 35 to 40 metres”.

After the accident, the rider of the bike was said to have carried Faith across a distance spanning a few housing blocks before laying her down on a table at a void deck.

“My sister shouting out to him to put her down but he didn’t listen. He told the police later that he saw dark clouds in the sky and was afraid my sister will get drenched in the rain.”

The rider’s actions were believed to have caused blood to rush to Faith’s brain, thus causing the swelling.

Her left brain still show signs of sweeling, and has led to the right side of her body to be immobile temporarily.

Kimberly also told the newspaper that in the one month that has passed since the accident, the rider has neither visited Faith nor offered an apology.

 Credits:STOMP Singapore

After reading this, I was really outraged by the rider’s actions. I mean, come on? The least he could do was to visit Faith and apologize. And seriously, doesn’t this warrant some form of compensation for his negligence? I know that maybe the rider thought his actions were for the best for Faith by carrying her to a sheltered area (because he thought that she would get drenched) but in the case, it seemed like due to his actions, he caused her condition to become worst.

Do you agree?

Lastly, I sincerely hope that Faith will recover from her temporary paralysis soon.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Till later,
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