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8 WOMEN (8 Femme) Produced by Sing’Theatre Singapore // Review


Wow, apparently my review was mentioned in their newsletter!



I never had plans this Thursday night as I was going to take the time to complete at least a couple of blog posts. But at 5pm today at work, the bestie, Crystal called me up to invite me to be her guest to the 8 Women VIP Night at 8pm. Well, basically there were a few last minute pull outs at her company, so she had some spare tickets.

But that was so last minute!

Luckily I was free, or the tickets would have gone to waste which would be a great pity! ;/

Invitation to watch 8 Women

Before the play, we had a quick dinner at Slice – The Pizza Reform as it was the closest to the SOTA Drama Theatre. And here’s what we had:

1. Crystal had the Pepperoni Pizza Combo (With Soup & Drink)

Slice Pizza Pepperoni Pizza

2. I decided to go for one of the spaghetti combos (also with drink and soup) they had available – the spaghetti bolognaise

Slice Pizza Spaghetti Bolognese

Rushed off to SOTA after the dinner to get our tickets to watch 8 Women!(:

8 Women
Looking forward to a great play!

And now moving on to a short overview & review of the play:

Embark on a journey that explores the depths of the female psyche: seduction, love, hate, resentment, anger, despair, tenderness and jealousy. This production captures it all!

Set in France in the 1950’s, in a country mansion a few days before Christmas, the man of the house is found murdered! But who could have “dunnit”? Isolated from the rest of the village it could only be one of the 8 women in the household. Was it his powerful and beautiful Singaporean wife (Tan Kheng Hua), with a knife? His spinster sister-in-law (Serene Chen), with poison? His miserly mother-in-law (Neo Swee Lin), with a rope? Or maybe it’s the seductive French chambermaid (Morgane Stroobant) or the devoted Indian housekeeper (Daisy Irani), with a pillow? The perfect elder daughter (Sophie Wee) and the playful younger one (Julia Abueva) are not beyond suspicion either. A surprise visit from the victim’s sister (Kimberly Creasman) sends the household into more confusion!

As events unfold, we discover each woman has a motive, each a plan, and someone is hiding the biggest secret of all…Murder! In line with International Women’s Day on 8th March, Sing’theatre celebrates WOMEN by staging this murder-mystery play turned into a critically acclaimed movie of the same name with Catherine Deneuve. This murder-mystery dark comedy, directed by multi award-winner Samantha Scott-Blackhall (Freud’s Last Session, Lord of the Flies, The Physicists), will keep you entertained and guessing till the very, VERY end!

Brought to you by China Sonangol.

Well, I wasn’t really sure what 8 Women was about initially so I came pretty much unprepared and didn’t even have the time to read up on the above synopsis as it was such a last minute invitation!

The plot thickens: Some of the finest Singapore actresses appear in 8 Women, a murder mystery directed by the acclaimed Samantha Scott Blackhall. (From left, Daisy Irani, Serene Chen, Sophie Wee, Neo Swee Lin and Tan Kheng Hua). – PHOTO: SING THEATRE

However, I was prepared to be blown away as I saw that they have a stellar lineup of an all women cast including local theatre veterans such as Tan Kheng Hua and Neo Swee Lin – whom you will find familiar from Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd.

Suffice to say that 8 Women indeed blew me away (and Crystal too) in a good way! The acting was superb,realistic and believable, the costumes were gorgeous and all 8 actresses in 8 Women looked fabulous! Special mention to Tan Kheng Hua as her stage presence is really strong and I just couldn’t help watching her.

The plot is wonderful and easy to follow even if you haven’t read about the synopsis, you can easily catch what’s going on in the scenes. It’s also full of drama and peppered with humour in between – most contributed by Daisy Irani, Serene Chen and Neo Swee Lin that is guaranteed to make the whole audience laugh. Oh and I must mention that watching this play will make you keep guessing – who on earth is the killer amongst these 8 women? Crystal and I couldn’t help trying to hazard a guess during the intermission but well, honestly, you’ll be surprised at the twist at the end of it all(;

Ah, also worth a mention – the stage set was beautifully done up but generally everything just went smoothly without much of a hitch except for a few areas – for example there was one part where a prop dropped off during a scene, but everyone was really professional about it. Other than that, sometimes there will be audio feedback but it is almost immediately rectified.

Overall, I really, really enjoyed 8 Women and it’s definitely a play I would highly recommend you to watch especially if you’re interested in murder-mystery-comedy plays.

Thank you to my dear Crystal for inviting me to watch!(:

8 Women will run from 29 Mar – 7 Apr 2013 at the SOTA Drama Theatre. Prices start from $55 (excluse SISTIC fees)
>> Click HERE to purchase your tickets <<

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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