Zalora Singapore x Sampar BlogOut Contest // I’m A Grand Finalist!

Don’t know if you still remember this, but I posted a review on my blog?
Well, that’s because  I participated in the Zalora x Sampar BlogOut contest and that was my entry!(:

>> Click HERE to read my Review / Contest Entry <<

Can’t believe I forgot to share this when the Grand Finalists were announced a couple of weeks ago.
Yepp! I’m in disbelief…

I’m a GRAND FINALIST of the Zalora x Sampar BlogOut!



So what’s expected in the final round is to do up a review on the Sampar sample beauty products that we are given as seen below:



Gosh, I’ve never really done up a proper beauty review other than the Crest 3D Whtening Strips from Brighten Smiles advertorial which I did previously.

So I’m still working on it T___t

I’m not hoping for much – just to be one of the top 5 winners would be great! ;p
It should be up by next Monday (I hope), and if you could..

Mind helping me to share it when it’s up?
Thank you! ^^

Till later,
♥ mitsueki



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