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Man injured in shipyard fire in Jurong

Just posted on ChannelNewsAsia Facebook page last night. Looks pretty bad!

Man injured in shipyard fire in Jurong

SINGAPORE: A man was injured in a shipyard blaze at Jalan Samulun in Jurong on Tuesday.

In a statement, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said it was alerted to the fire incident at the shipyard.

There were four vessels berthed alongside one another at the said location.

Upon SCDF arrival, all four vessels were on fire, of which one was fully engulfed in flames and sank.

SCDF deployed a total of eight hand—held water jets from the fire engines and two foam monitors from one of the Marine Fire Vessel.

Fire was brought under control within 90 minutes.

One man was sent to the Singapore General Hospital for burnt injuries.

SCDF is currently conducting secondary search for casualties at the location.

Article Credits:ChannelNewsAsia HERE

Hopefully no one else was injured and that the injured guy will be okay..

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