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Man’s nose slashed off with 35cm knife in Tampines fight

Updated: 25/3/13

Two unemployed men were charged in court today (Mar 25) for slashing two victims with a 35cm-long knife near Tampines West Community Centre last Friday (Mar 22).

Muhammad Hafiz Jamal and Firdaus Muhammad Abdul Aziz, both 22, are alleged to have used a combat knife to slash packer Aidil Syahril Ramadhan Idris, 26, and cleaner Ahmer Noor Rashid Shahul Hameed, 23.

According to a report in The Straits Times, they allegedly committed the offence with two others.

Original article:

A man who had his entire nose sliced off by a 35cm-long knife during a fight near Tampines West Community Centre on Mar 22 underwent a 19-hour operation to reattach it.

The incident occurred at 6.20am on Friday and four men were seen fleeing the scene. Two victims were sent to hospital, one of whom had his entire nose sliced off. They are currently in stable condition.

According to a report on Shin Min Daily, the 22-year-old is still under observation after a 19-hour operation to reattach his nose. He is ‘relying on his mouth to breathe and keeps complaining that his back hurts.’

“The nose has been reattached but still looks rather blackish, probably due to little blood circulation,” said the victim’s father, Mr Shahul.

The victim, who was conscious after the attack, has identified two suspects from photographs that the police showed him while in hospital.

Three men were nabbed within 48 hours after the incident occurred, with more than 50 officers involved. Two of them will be charged today with ‘causing hurt with a dangerous weapon’.

Investigations have revealed that this is an isolated incident that resulted from a misunderstanding between two groups.

The victims are not known to the assailants but had incurred their wrath by laughing loudly.

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First thing I spotted on STOMP today:

Man’s nose slashed off with 35cm knife in Tampines fight

A 22-year-old man reportedly had his nose slashed off with this 35cm long knife in the bloody fight that broke out near Tampines West Community Club yesterday (Mar 22). According to a report in The New Paper, the fight had occurred at about 6am in the morning, and involved about 10 men and women in all.

The 35cm long combat knife was also found at the scene. Four men are believed to have fled the scene, leaving behind the bloody knife and a 200-metre long trail of blood. In an earlier report in Shin Min Daily, the incident was reported to have occurred at a fast food restaurant near the community club at Avenue 3, Street 81.

A 64-year-old retiree said he saw around 10 men in their 20s outside the restaurant at 5am. An hour later, he saw three men lying in a pool of blood when cycling past Block 828. Two of them had blood on their upper bodies and both hands, while the third man, who was bleeding from his head and arms, suffered more serious injuries.

Police have confirmed that two men — a 24-year-old and the 22-year-old — were sent to Changi General Hospital for emergency treatment. An employee at a supermarket nearby also said he saw four men running past him quickly at around 6.30am. They were tall, thin and looked to be in their 20s. “They looked like they were being chased. I even asked my friend why they were running so quickly. Only when I saw the blood left behind at the scene later then did I know that something had happened,” he said.

Article Credits: STOMP here

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