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[FOUND] Missing Boy in Singapore: Javon Lim Since 20 March 2013

**UPDATED: 22 March 2013!**

Javon Lim has been FOUND!(:
Thank you all for sharing!

Saw this on Facebook, please do help share to find this boy!
He’s been missing for more than 24 hours already!

HI People. This is a fresh notice. A relative of mine has been missing for 24 hours. Pls help keep a lookout for this young boy. And pls spread the word.. Do let me know if you see him. Family’s worried sick. Thanks.

Taken from:Joan Lim Facebook

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Fingers crossed that Javon Lim will be found soon safe and unharmed.

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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3 Comments on “[FOUND] Missing Boy in Singapore: Javon Lim Since 20 March 2013

  1. This little fucker has been found, stay at friend’s place, refused to go home right?
    Waste people’s time, take him in hand!!!

    1. I regret to say that you are an ignorant and insensitive s… person.
      He is a child ! how could you write about him in that way ? And you have no idea why he stayed away from home !
      It is insensitive and arrogant people like you who cause so much trouble to others.

      Any decent person will be relieved that he has been found .

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