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Pleatation – A Fascination with Pleats // Advertorial & Review

I like pleat designs in general as they are really pretty aesthetically!

What are your view on pleats?(:

Well, if you love pleats, then I have a great recommendation for you!
Here’s introducing…

About Pleatation:
Pleatation is a concept store inspired by being different and unique in its own style. Through our 3-step process of Deconstruction, Reconstruction and Rebirth, we produce and bring pleated products for the everyday style, home and living. Each intricate piece is either designed or chosen with care and are highly versatile in usage as well.

Created in 2011, we are focused full-time in the business and we have our own in-house production facility to pleat our products as well. We keep our shelves well-stocked and constantly seek to research and develop new products with the different in-house production capabilities that we have (i.e pleating & laser-cut).

For your style, home and living. Let’s be different. Be Pleated.

Shop Pleatation:
Pleatation Facebook:

Sounds like an interesting concept no?(:
Pssst..stay tuned for a 15% discount code off your purchase!

Well, last month (I know it’s late!), Sherly from Pleatation very kindly sent me a surprise gift package to me which I was supposed to receive before CNY and Valentine’s Day. However, there were multiple issues with the courier service, so I only received it on the 20th of February.

Regardless, I was really excited to receive my surprise gift package from Pleatation! Like..who doesn’t love surprises right? So now let’s take a look at what I received!(:

**Photo Intensive Post**

On the 20th of February, when I came home from work, my mom told me that I had a package waiting for me in my room. As mentioned, I was really excited about it as I didn’t know what I was going to receive!

Huge bag!

After removing the plastic bag, tadaaa! And oh gosh, it felt as if Santa came early bearing gifts for me! And I like the pleated bag alot, hehe!

My pleated bag of goodies!
Name card!(:

Before I started opening my pleated goodie bag, the first thing I noticed were the pleated flowers. Aren’t they totally CUTE?!

Pleated flowers

Have you ever received pleated flowers before?(:

Pleated flowers

After taking like gazillion photos of it, I realized that they are actually pencils! Gawd I’m an idiot. LOL. But they’re just too pretty to use!(:

Pleated flower (pencils!)

Getting all excited to open my bag – like finally right?


1. Mushroom Series Pleated Shawl: Mint // SGD 29.00

The first item is this Mushroom Series Pleated Shawl in Mint which is this adorable mint colored scarf peppered with cute polka dots!

Mushroom Series Pleated Shawl: Mint // SGD 29.00
Mushroom Series Pleated Shawl: Mint // SGD 29.00
Mushroom Series Pleated Shawl: Mint // SGD 29.00

2. Basic Frilled Tank (Pink) // SGD 39.00

The second piece is this basic frilled tank in pink which is really really unique due to the pleated designs at the side! I was busy admiring it till I totally forgot to try it on! But I have to say that it’s a great aesthetic piece to add to your wardrobeHERE! Yepp, no more boring tanks! This piece is not available anymore, but they have other colors available still !

Basic Frilled Tank (Pink) / SGD 39.00
Basic Frilled Tank (Pink) // SGD 39.00

Other colors available (as seen on their model) at the website!

Basic Tank: Frilled Sweetheart

3. Curly Shawls 

The curly shawls came in 2 colors – dark blue and white! I prefer the dark blue color and I must say that it’s a really versatile piece to accessorize up your style! At this moment, they don’t have it on their website anymore, but they have loads of other really pretty shawls available HERE!

Curly Shawl (Dark Blue)
Curly Shawl (Dark Blue)
Ways to Wear the Curly Shawl (Dark Blue)
Ways to Wear the Curly Shawl (Dark Blue)
Curly Shawl (White)

Yepp, though the curly shawls aren’t available, you may want to take a look at the other shawls available! One of my favourite is this: Gradience Series: Long Shawl // SGD 49.00

Gradience Series: Long Shawl // SGD 49.00

4. Aztec Willow Necklace (Purple) // SGD 25.90

I also received this really unique woven 100% handmade necklace that was inspired by ancient tribal civilisations! Other than purple that I received, it also comes in black, red, yellow gold and dark blue as seen HERE

Aztec Willow Necklace (Purple)
Aztec Willow Necklace (Purple) – Perfect to accessorize
Aztec Willow Necklace (Black) as seen on their model!

Ohohoho, and that’s not all! Here’s ANOTHER pleated bag in the big pleated bag. Now let’s see what we have here..

Another mystery bag!

5. Sunburst Wooden Pegs (Set of 4) // SGD 9.90

Aren’t these pleated ‘sunburst’ wooden pegs cute? I’m totally using them in the future, but still considering what – as a decoration? Memento? Scrapbooking? So many ideas, but we’ll see! Other colors and pretty designs still available HERE!

Sunburst Wooden Pegs (Set of 4) // SGD 9.90

And for the following, I didn’t receive these, but I thought they are so cute!

Floral Wooden Peg (Set of 4) // SGD 9.90

6. 1″ Uneven Pleated Ribbon // SGD 12.90

Also received this really pretty 1″ pleated ribbon! Been using it to wrap some of my presents and some of my friends were even asking where I got this piece from!(: Also available in a myriad of colors for your selection HERE

1″ Uneven Pleated Ribbon // SGD 12.90
1″ Uneven Pleated Ribbon // SGD 12.90

And WAIT what? Still not done!? Hahahah! Yepp, this is the last ‘mystery’ bag! It was a really big one so I was pretty excited to check out what it was!(:

Big pleated mystery bag!


7. Classic Tote Bag (Mint) // SGD 35.00

So this is the last item that I received, which instantly became my favourite item of them all! This lovely tote bag comes in the prettiest pastel shade – mint which is so sweet,cute and totally trendy right now! I love the design, quality and you can really tell the excellent workmanship that went into making this really lovely and useful bag. Plus the one that I received was the larger size if I’m not wrong, so it’s really roomy inside and I can stuff loads of stuff!(:

Also available in other lovely colors as seen HERE

Classic Tote Bag (Mint) // SGD 35.00
Excellent quality
One of my favourites of them all!
Classic Tote Bag (Mint) // SGD 35.00

On the whole, I am really really pleased with everything I received from Pleatation and it’s definitely a place I would recommend to shop for really unique and one of a kind pleated products in Singapore.

A great example is this awesomely pretty gorgeous dress seen below!

Turquoise Ocean Maxi Dress

Pretty yeah?

Here, I would like to take this opportunity to give my THANKS TO PLEATATION!

And for you, dear reader, here’s a little something special for you as promised!
Quote: MITSVD13X for 15% OFF your purchase when you check out at Pleatation Online Store!
Valid till 31st March

So what are you waiting for?

Shop Pleatation:
Pleatation Facebook:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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