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Food Bites: Four Seas Gourmet

Recently, a new eating place opened up at my workplace area. And of course, my colleagues and I have NOWHERE else new to naturally we went to visit it.

So here’s introducing..

Four Seas Gourmet!

So here’s their lunch menu with a couple of assorted varieties available.

I went to try it out twice. And the first time, I had their zhao pai chai – recommended by the person who served us.


1. Baked Honey Chicken Rice Bowl // SGD 6.80

I like the really awesome sunshine egg because it’s not overcooked. The honey chicken was decent but they did serve ALOT of rice but not alot of chicken so I was left with eating more rice than anything. Oh and the broccoli was alright too – not overcooked (or under).

Baked Honey Chicken Rice Bowl // SGD 6.80

2. Chicken & Shitake Fried Udon // SGD 6.80

Loads of shitake mushroom (really salty) and only 2 – 3 bite size pieces of chicken. The udon was a little oily but well – it is fried. Overall a meh dish. It’s alright…but I definitely don’t think it’s worth for the price that I paid.

Chicken & Shitake Fried Udon

Overall, it is a place that I wouldn’t purposely step in just to eat the food for dinner, but if my colleagues want to eat it, it’s fine by me. I just think that they might relook at the price a little or offer some promotional menu items if they do want to cater to more working adults in that area. This is because right now, their business is relying on the foreign China/Hong Kong tour groups if I’m not wrong.

But is this worth a try? 

Maybe. You could try the Baked Honey Chicken Rice bowl if you ever stop by around the area. But not worth a special trip to head down to.

Four Seas Gourmet
1, Sophia Road, #02-01/02
Peace Centre Singapore 228149

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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