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Cabby falls 9 storeys to his death retrieving daughter’s shoe

Was browsing through some of the stories on STOMP and stumbled upon this one.

Dad falls 9 storeys to his death retrieving daughter’s shoe

ITE student Kelly Goh, 20, left her shoes out to dry on a metal rack outside their kitchen window, only to have one of them fall to the parapet below. Little did she know it would be the cause of her father’s death.

The 58-year old cabby had climbed down to the parapet to retrieve the shoe, only to lose his balance moments after handing the shoe back to his daughter.

He fell nine stories to his death from the parapet at Block 535 Choa Chu Kang Street 51.

Nobody could understand why Mr Goh had taken such a risk to retrieve the shoe. His two elder brothers, were baffled and shocked by his actions. “Why didn’t he try to retrieve it with a bamboo pole instead? Now he’s gone and Kelly is alone”, said Mr Goh Kim Huat, the younger of the two.

A long time friend of the deceased, Mr Sim, 50, recalled how Mr Goh would spend all his earnings as a taxi driver on his wife and daughter, often saving and scrimping to provide them with a better life.

After his wife died, his daughter was all he had and he spared no expense to make sure she had a comfortable life.

With the sudden demise of her father, Miss Goh is at a loss. She said, “I don’t know what to do. If my father left me anything… I want to pursue a course in hairdressing. But everything is in a mess for now.”

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To me, Mr Goh sounded like a great father figure and Kelly has my deepest condolences.

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