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Blogshop Loot & Review // Seven Dresses

I know I know! I’ve been posting more about food reviews/bites compared to fashion stuff and etc! Well, this is AS USUAL, an overdue post of my last blogshop loot / haul from..

If I remember right, the reasons why I went on this crazy shopping spree because:

  1.  It was for CNY / Valentines Day and I wanted new clothes
  2.  I saw this:

Yes, I’m a HUGE sucker for sales! HAHAHAHAHA like every blogshop I go to, I tend to look at the Sales section to see if I can get any great deals before moving on to the Dresses / New Arrivals category. I’m weird (and cheapskate)!

And back to the topic. Ah and well, basically I just wanted to share my AWESOME loot from Seven Dresses!(:

So yeah, for their clearance sale, they had an option of complimentary Normal Mail or Meet up session at Tampines/Pasir Ris MRT. Since the bf was free, I of course, made him go collect them for me from the owner, Wylyn. HAHAHA!

So yes – 10 dresses for SGD 85! DAMN WORTH IT RIGHT?!

Here’s the HUGE bag of clothes I received:

Have no ideas of the names, but let’s just call them Dress 1, Dress 2, etc(:

1. Dress 1

SUPER worth it! Really thick material and great quality! LOVE!

2. Dress 2

Becoming one of my staple dresses for both work, play and dates!(:

3. Dress 3

Wore this for my CNY workplace celebration and won a nifty4th prize(:

4. Dress 4

Definitely one of my favourite dresses(: Such a steal! Wore this for my Valentine’s Day dinner with the bf and to work!

5. Dress 5

Love the prints on this dress right?(:

6. Dress 6

Pink with a touch of frills – I like!

7. Dress 7

Tried to go for a non conventional color this round by picking this dress!

8. Dress 8

At first I didn’t really like it, but in the end, I do!

9. Dress 9

I love whimsical roses and this dress just has this cute outer layer of lace roses. How can I resist?

10. Dress 10 (Complimentary)

With my purchases, I was given a complimentary dress!(:

However, I then realized that I ordered 10 dresses + 1 (complimentary), but notice that I only had 9 + 1 complimentary? So I went to approach the owner of Seven Dresses, Wylyn to inform her about it.

She was really nice about it and even refunded the amount of what I paid back to me (SGD 10 for that particular piece) and even sent me another package to make up for it even though I was really fine with the refund.

Thanks for the great service Wylyn!(:

It has been a great experience shopping with Seven Dresses and I’m really happy with the service, and of course, everything that I bought!

Such a steal!

Right now, Seven Dresses hasn’t launched a collection since September 2012 but they still have an ongoing sale!

And best of all – nothing over $10!(:

Of course, most of the nicer pieces have already been picked (imo) but maybe you might find something you would like there that’s available (but not on sale too)!

>> Click HERE to visit Seven Dresses SALES page <<
>> Click HERE to see What’s Available at Seven Dresses <<

On the whole, if you realized, I don’t really follow fashion trends (except a few that I like) as I think trends don’t really matter too much. Instead, as long as you feel comfortable in what you wear and it makes you feel great – who cares right?(:

That’s what matters most to me!

And that is what I will be emphasizing on in my future GlamPuss APPARELS collection.
Fun . Flirty . Feminine
Apparels & Accessories

Stay tuned! ♥

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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