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McDonalds Free Egg McMuffin – National Breakfast Day 18 March 2013 // Did you get yours today?

I hope you had heard about it – that McDonalds is giving away 1000 FREE Egg McMuffins per store in Singapore (except selected stores) on 18th March 2013 to celebrate National Breakfast Day! Yepp, it’s a one day only thing and ends at 10am or while stocks last.

The last I heard – Bukit Batok McDonalds has already hit 1000 free Egg McMuffins since 9am!
But luckily for me, the one that I went to was at Park Lane before I headed to work.

So let’s check out how it went!(:

The queue was really long, but I have to say, the McDonalds staff were really really efficient and got the queue moving pretty quickly!

Queue for Free Egg McMuffins from McDonalds

To ensure that the people queuing get only ONE Egg McMuffin per person, each of us are issued a coupon each.
And also, if you top up an extra $2, you get a hashbrown and a cup of coffee(:

But I didn’t XP

My coupon for Free Egg McMuffin

And if you notice the bottom, I’m the 526th person to get my free Egg McMuffin! So if you’re nearby the area and you haven’t gotten yours yet..

HURRY down to Park Mall to grab yours before it runs out/10am!

Hehe! Success!

And as mentioned, I didn’t have to wait long in queue for my Egg McMuffin – at most it was a 5 minute wait? So I did manage to get to work on time. Hehe

Free McDonalds Egg McMuffin!

And let’s see if McDonalds scrimped on anything…

Egg McMuffin

Nope, they didn’t!(:

Also, according to McDonald’s store managed interviewed by Yahoo Newsroom, they said that preparations for this were underway since 12am. And the burgers are NOT prepackaged but made on the spot like usual(:

Thank you McDonalds for giving away these free Egg McMuffins today!(:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki


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