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Food Bites: Domino’s Singapore

Sunday is always takeout/delivery day for the bf’s family as the whole family will be at home. Since I had this free Domino’s voucher that I received from attending the Domino’s Pizza Blogger Event a couple of months back (and it was expiring), I decided to finally use it!

Whoohoo! Finally using my free voucher!

So yesterday, the bf and I headed down to the nearest Domino’s outlet near his place at Tampines to redeem it as it was only valid for takeaways and not deliveries!

At the counter

Other than that, we also ordered a couple more items for his family as well(: And woah, can you believe it? We actually only paid $30.40 in total due to the numerous discounts! And my name is totally..spelt wrongly.



Here I am lugging all the Domino’s food back to the bf’s home!

Heavy neh!

And finally we got back and unpacked!

So much food!

Can you believe this whole thing cost us only $30.40?!(:

It’s a feast I tell ya, DOMINO’S FEAST!

And here’s a breakdown of what we ordered:

1. 2 Regular Pepperoni Pizza – Crispy Thin Crust (Only at $22 for 2!)

Domino’s Pepperoni Pizza – Thin Crust

2. 1 Regular Pepperoni Pizza (that makes 3!) New York Crust

Domino’s Pepperoni Pizza – New York Crust

2. 2 Sets of Garlic Cheese Onion Rings

Garlic Cheese Onion Rings

3. Twisty Bread

Twisty Bread!

4. BreadStix (Bleh not nice!)


5. CinnaStix (Top Favourite Side!)


6. Plain Chicken Wings (1st time trying – REALLY good!)

Plain Chicken Wings

I had a GREAT and YUMMY feast from Domino’s as you can tell! Then I spent the rest of the day prepping loads of stuff for GlamPuss as well as watching One Piece and Bones with the bf!(:

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Ending off with a selca shot of myself hoping that you had a happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday xx

It’s Monday again!
BOO :<

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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