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Food Poisoning / Stomach Flu

*Caution: I wrote a couple of rather graphic (and disgusting) details*

It was 4am last night (morning?)
I woke up feeling nauseous and sick to my stomach
It was one of the most uncomfortable feeling and I tossed and turned till 5am.

My fears were confirmed as I started puking out my dinner at 5am.

And this was what I had for dinner from PastaMania:

And this is the what happened to it (yes, purposely made small)

Basically I started out by puking out my Tom Yum Seafood pasta, everything of it.

I just laid on the cold floor clutching the dustbin and plastic bags next to me waiting for the next bout of puking. A cold sweat broke on my brow. My stomach was heaving as I involuntarily puked out again and again till I tasted was heaving nothing but bile. And the bile mixed with the sauce was just disgusting.

Even now I can recall the taste of it.

After about 3 – 4 bouts, I felt that it was finally safe for me to return to my room to rest. But of course, before that, I messaged my supervisor that I was going to take an MC for the next day. I honestly didn’t want to do it as I have a huge pile of work waiting for me at my office. Also, I was to attend the Movie Preview tonight and I was so looking forward to it =.=

For that morning, I just continued sleeping till 11am, but I managed to drag myself to the doctor with my mom’s help. But of course, along the way, I started having involuntarily dry heaves in public as I never consumed anything else after that. The feeling of your stomach doing this is just awful.

Luckily the doctor jabbed me with a Maxolon injection which she said would stop me from vomiting further. And the verdict was out.

And initially I thought I had food poisoning, but instead, it was stomach flu from some bacteria from the food that I probably consumed that day as well as a slight fever of 37.7. And I am 100% sure that it was due to the Tom Yum Seafood Pasta from PastaMania which caused this stomach flu.

This is because a couple of my colleagues had the same duck rice as I for lunch earlier yesterday and they were fine. The bf and I had PastaMania last night – where we had all the same dishes except for the Caesar Salad as well as my Tom Yum Seafood Pasta.

Hopefully no one else are having the same problem as myself today

Anyway. for the rest of the day, I just drifted in and out of sleep and only got up once to have the fish porridge that my mom got for me. What used to be my favorite porridge turned me off, and I barely had a few bites before I felt sick again. If you know me, I love to indulge in food, so to have food turn me off, I felt ugh. And did I mention about the muscle aches?

And let me tell you something crazy.

I went for the Movie preview of Confession of Murder just now at 7pm despite this.

Yes, that was crazy right? Lol. The bf made me get a cab to Plaza Singapura and I was glad I did. Because on the way to the cab stand, I felt a little nauseous again. I realized that standing up invokes that feeling, but sitting down makes me feel better.

Well, it was rather worth it as the movie was great. Invited my best friend, Crystal to watch it with me as the bf had a RT session. More details in the upcoming post.

But I did regret a little after this. When I got home, I felt like super fine! I was happy cos I thought it was finally over.

I guess not. This was taken at about 9.45pm when I got home.

And this was taken like..15 minutes before writing this blog post. =.=

I’m just gonna pop a couple of panadols while waiting for my hair to dry. Hopefully it’ll all be better by tomorrow morning. By hook or by crook, I would have to make my way to work to clear that pile of work.

Being sick is a bi***
Hoping that you won’t ever experience the same thing as myself today

And I’m never eating at PastaMania again – especially not that Tom Yum Seafood Pasta


Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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