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Will This Turn Out A Romantic Love Story?

So this note was circulating on Facebook, STOMP and EDMW forums:

Guy pastes notice in public to find the girl he met on the bus



The guy wrote on the note that he had felt an ‘instant connection’ with the girl, and also warned people not remove the note as it was ‘government property’.

The note had details on the appearance of the girl, as well as where and when he saw her.

In the note, he said:

“I know this is gonna sound really cheesy and desperate but I am at my sincerest and you have got to believe me.

“I felt an instant connection with you the moment I saw you.

“I have never experienced such an experience before, not with any girl I met or saw.

“I’m sure you noticed me gazing at you periodically and sometimes your eyes met.

“I badly wanted to get your phone number but was afraid of your parent’s reaction.

“After you got off the bus, I felt a deep longing ache in me that I’ve never experienced before.

“That feeling continued to linger strongly inside me.

“I don’t want this to end up as the biggest regret of my life.”

The guy then gave instructions on how the girl could find him if she saw the note.

He also called his note ‘government property’ and that anyone who removed or vandalised his note would be ‘severely dealt with’.

Taken from: STOMP Singapore

Like many, I’m torn between the following reactions.

I think I’ll be nice and go with the former.

So YES I think this is a rather sweet/sincere that this guy is going all out to try to contact the girl!

But I just think that he should seriously remove the part on his note where he claims that it is – ‘government property’ and that anyone who removed or vandalised his note would be ‘severely dealt with’.

Eh! Abit too beng leh! Will turn off the girl! 

And another downside to his plan is that…

It’s gone viral – in a bad way

  • Most people are leaning towards him displaying despo/stalker like/loser behaviour!
  • I think that some jokers are going to really head to that bus stop to see if the girl turns up/make fun of him
  •  The girl might think that he is super stalker/despo like!

But of course, going viral is good as well – there’s a higher chance that the girl might see this notice. However, whether or not she wants to actually meet him is another thing. And honestly, I am anticipating to see if the girl actually shows up. Hurhur.

Will this turn out to be a romantic love story? :O

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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