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Candy Crush Saga Obsession? // Not Me!

If you’ve never heard of Candy Crush Saga..then I think that you may be a little out of tune with the world here.

Candy Crush Saga

Yeah the game where you have to clear all the jelly and crush the candy or something along that line.

Candy Crush Saga


  • EVERYONE seems to be playing it – from my best friend, to my bf to almost all my colleagues at work
  • I kept getting Candy Crush Saga invites on Facebook

I decided to try it for fun.

Oh and I stopped at Level 3 because well, it’s not really my type of game!

Third Blade

Give me a hack and slash such as Third Blade from Com2Us over this anytime! -_-

So after that, I uninstalled Candy Crush Saga because I was getting a crazy number of requests from my Facebook friends to send them lives, extra moves and etc.

After the uninstall, this time I kept receiving requests from my friends to PLAY Candy Crush Saga instead. Yes, in a span of like..2 weeks, I’ve received over 500+ requests!

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 1.05.09 AM
Requests to Play Candy Crush Saga

At first I was like..

No no no no..please don’t send me anymore requests

Then now I’m like…


Then I realized that I was being an idiot!

Uninstalling the app on Facebook doesn’t do anything! Instead, I have to block the app instead!

And so I did(:

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 1.22.19 AM
Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 1.22.50 AM
Blocking Candy Crush Saga MUHAHAHAHA!(:

I’m SO happy right now that I just wanted to share this video with you:

Candy Crush Saga CHEAT – Works on EVERY Level!


Anyway on a serious note here, Candy Crush can be scary…










Boy obsessed with Candy Crush lands dad with $4,300 bill

Photo Illustration

Mr Sean Cheong knows his son Lucas uses his father’s credit card to pay for mobile games. This month, however, Mr Cheong got the “the blardy shock of his life” when he found out Lucas had charged $4,300 to his card on a popular game.

$4,300 ON CANDY CRUSH SAGA????!!!

Lucas used to charge about $100 to Mr Cheong’s credit card, which is tagged to his iTunes account.

The boy sheepishly admitted to spending the money on extra moves and boosts in Candy Crush Saga, a mobile phone app that has taken the world by storm.

While Mr Cheong is reeling from the sum, another parent says she’d rather pay for her child to play rather than risk him mixing around with bad company.

Really ahhhhh? *Skeptical face*

Article Credits: The New Paper Online / STOMP

Ah and of course, I’m not saying that NO! You shouldn’t play Candy Crush Saga. Instead, just play it as you want, but know your limitsespecially when money is so important and hard to earn nowadays!

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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2 Comments on “Candy Crush Saga Obsession? // Not Me!

  1. also caught in a similar trap and couldn’t deactivate it! And it was this that was giving me solutions for almost every level so it was a pretty sick situation where i was angry with myself and at the same moment i was playing CCS for hours! Then i came through your post! YOU SAVED me!

  2. I think it’s nonsense to spend your money in finding solutions or getting help for games. Just play and enjoy you time. Besides on the net you can find solution , tips or hacks almost for every game without spending a cend.

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