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Crest 3D White Strips From BrightenSmiles // Advertorial & Review

I admit that I’m not the prettiest nor the skinniest blogger out there. In fact, I’m pretty short and leaning on the plump side. I look slimmer in my pictures because I know my angles LOL plus, I have a small face – which is too small for my body size actually. So just imagine..I’m like 1.55m tall and 5x kg. Hoo! So if you ever see me on the streets, yeah, that little short plump girl therethat’s me!(: And don’t even start about me without makeup. LOL

Okay, but whatever!

Despite all my shortcomings, I’m just happy that there is one feature about me that I do like, and that’s my smile!(: Smiling makes both you and everyone else around you happy and cheerful as well!

So always keep smiling!(:
Even if you have rabbit teeth like me!(:

Of course, if you were having reservations about smiling because of yellow or heavily stained teeth, well, I have a recommendation for you!(:

Here’s introducing…


“We’re All About White Smiles!”
We’re passionate about bringing quality products to your dental aesthetic needs

BrightenSmiles sells Crest WhiteStrips – which is the number one selling teeth whitening product in the US under Procter & Gamble. The product is used by placing a disposable plastic strip directly onto the teeth that contains an enamel safe whitening gel. It is reported to be most effective on yellow and heavily stained teeth.

>> BrightenSmiles Official Website <<
>> BrightenSmiles Facebook Page <<

P.s Read on to find out how to redeem a FREE WHITE STRIP (worth $3.50) with every purchase from BrightenSmiles!(:

A couple of months back (yes it’s been that long!), I received a packet of Crest 3D White Strips from BrightenSmiles and FINALLY, like this week, I started using them!

With the kit! Yes, blurry photo I know D:

So yes, here there you go.

This is the particular product that I would like to introduce :

Crest 3D White Strips

Top #1 selling dental whitening product in US:
Crest 3D White Strips with Advanced seal – Professional Effects
(Advanced Seal, with thicker strips that sticks better and whitens effectively)

Place the strips on your teeth for 30 minutes a day and achieve Professional Level Whitening in just 20 days. And in fact, you can even start to see the results in just 3 days!

*Do note that teeth sensitivity and gums discomfort will occur during the process.
But it is enamel safe and doesnt require any dentist supervision.
It does not work well on bracers and crowns.

Crest 3D White Strips

The price of a box of Crest 3D White Strips from BrightenSmiles varies:

  • 7 Pouches – $25
  • 14 Pouches – $50
  • 1 Sealed Box (20 Pouches) – $70

All prices above include Singapore Registered Mail of $2.50

P.s Read on to find out how to redeem a FREE WHITE STRIP (worth $3.50) with every purchase from BrightenSmiles!(:

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Basically this is the contents of the box:

    1. 7/14/20 Crest 3D White Strips Pouches
    2. Instructions Manual
    3. Additional Information and Tips from MJ, owner of BrightenSmiles
Packet of Crest 3D White Strip

Each ‘pouch’ of the white strips contains 2 strips:

  • 1 for your upper set of teeth 
  • 1 for your lower set of teeth
Crest 3D White Strips

How to Put on/Wear Crest 3D White Strips
1. Just follow the instructions at the back to put on the stripes:
Peel off the strips, apply on your teeth and wait for 30 minutes!

2. Watch this video

And here I am wearing the Crest 3D White Strips!(:

Wearing the Crest 3D White Strip

My Experience with Crest 3D White Strips

At first it was a little difficult for me to put on, but after the next few days, it got considerably better and easier. And you’ll probably won’t get used to this plastic like ‘thing’ on your teeth initially, but you will get used to it after like 5 minutes of wearing it! In fact, I got so comfortable with them that I overshot the 3o minutes because I forgot to remove them! LOL, no side effects though luckily!

And also, there will be a build up of saliva at the strips and you might find it gross and icky, but hey for beauty, it’s okay! And yes, you can talk and even drink water with these strips on. Really. It’s not really that inconvenient, plus it’s only for like..30 minutes a day? I tend to put it on while watching tv to kill time(:

Ah and I must mention that after removing the strip, your teeth will feel kinda weird, like extra sticky but no worries, I suggest your just brush your teeth!(: I also hear that you MAY experience tooth sensitivity and/or gum discomfort, but I didn’t have any issues. So I guess it depends on the individual.

My Teeth Before & After with Crest 3D White Strips (3 Days Usage)

Okay, I didn’t use any filters for the following photos to show you the REAL deal!(: The first photo was taken on Day 1 and the second photo was taken on Day 3 to test the effectiveness and the claim of:

“You can start seeing results in three days!”

Before & After

And yes, as you can see, my teeth are a shade lighter compared from before after using the Crest 3D White Strips from BrightenSmiles! And it’s not just due to the lighting okay? And of course, I myself can see the difference between them. My teeth are DEFINITELY whiter but of course, not that perfect shade of white.

However, remember that this is JUST Day 3 of using the  Crest 3D White Strips!


So YES, I would definitely recommend you to purchase Crest 3D White Strips From BrightenSmiles if you are looking to whiten your teeth.

Again, the price of a box of Crest 3D White Strips from BrightenSmiles are

  • 7 Pouches – $25
  • 14 Pouches – $50
  • 1 Sealed Box (20 Pouches) – $70

All prices above include Singapore Registered Mail of $2.50

>> Click HERE to purchase! <<

Ah and remember I mentioned earlier that you can redeem a FREE WHITE STRIP (worth $3.50) with every purchase from BrightenSmiles? Here’s how!

How to Redeem a FREE White Strip with Every Purchase from BrightenSmiles

1. LIKE BrightenSmiles on Facebook
2. SHARE this post on your Facebook Wall
3. Make a Purchase and FB msg or Email or SMS us after you have liked and shared
4. Receive 1 EXTRA FREE White Strip with your purchase!(:

*T&Cs apply

– Promotion is valid till 31st March 2013.
– Each person/user (Facebook Liked and Shared) is only eligible to redeem once on their first purchase.

In case you were wondering about the credibility of BrightenSmiles, well, DON’T!(:

BrightenSmiles is a reputable seller on Qoo10 with over 200+ reviews from HUNDREDS of satisfied customers! Now with the support of their customers, BrightenSmiles is able to launch their own website at:

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 12.17.39 AM

So what are you waiting for?(:

Whiten those pearly whites with Crest Whitestripes from BrightenSmiles today!(:

And always – keep smiling! 😀

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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