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First Food Bites: Kim Choo Kueh Chang (Rice Dumplings)

I realized that I have too many food reviews on hand, and it’s near impossible for me to do an indepth one EVERY single time!
So lazy me has decided to do up a NEW category called: Food Bites.
While also throwing it into the Food Reviews Category

Food Bites
Short/Mini food review on what I feast on whenever I feel like it and am too lazy to do up a full food review

Okay, and for this first ever food bites food review, I would like to introduce..

It’s basically very famous for it’s Nonya Dumplings (Chang)(:
(Yes yes, I know..if you see my Facebook albums, I have a zillion OTHER food reviews to do on =..=)

So basically, my mom mentioned that someone gave her this box of mini Nonya Chang last night and she said it was really good!

Unfortunately, I had bought my own dinner and was too full to have any.

Kim Choo Kueh Chang

There are about 10 mini dumplings in each box – 1 of which she ate(:
If I’m not wrong, the price is about $6 for the whole box!

Box of Mini Nonya Chang

Then my mom hit on the idea to pack a couple of them for today’s lunch at work.
Well, I was pretty agreeable cos this means I don’t need to spend money for lunch! 😀

Yes..she packed them in an envelope =.=
Hohohohohoho unwrapping the pandan leaves!
Yummy Nonya Chang!
Yes, selca pose-y photo with the dumpling!

And finally..the only thing left of the 3 mini dumplings were these:

Yeah, just the pandan leaves!

And if you were wondering..YES, the Nonya Chang was DELICIOUS! And it’s really filled with loads of yummy meat, and really fills you up!(:
Plus at $6 for 10 (correct me if I’m wrong)..I think it’s really worth it!

Have a feeling when I get home tonight, my mom’s gonna make me eat another one as she can’t finish them =.= 

mitsueki recommends!(:

Kim Choo’s Kitchen Pte Ltd – Restaurant
111 East Coast Road, Singapore 428801
+65 67412 125 View Map

Rumah Kim Choo – Boutique Gallery
109A East Coast Road, Singapore 428800
+65 67412 125 View Map

Kim Choo Kueh Chang Babi – Main Dumpling Factory
60 / 62 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427784 / 427785
+65 6344 0830 View Map

Kim Choo (F&B) Pte Ltd – Restaurant 
Departure/Transit Mezzanine Level
Changi Airport T3 65 Airport Boulevard Level 3
+65 6741 2125 View Map

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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