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Food Bites: Cailler Chocolate Switzerland


Recently, one of my colleagues at work went to Switzerland, and of course, came back with some Switzerland chocolates for us as a souvenir.

It was beautifully packaged as you can see here:

Cailler’s Chocolate Souvenirs Packaging

Also as you can see from the above, each chocolate wrapper depicts a scene of Switzerland such as the Swiss Alps(:

Out of the design selection, this is what I chose:

Zytglogge, Medieval Clock Tower in Berne

Design featuring Zytglogge, Medieval Clock Tower in Berne

Kirei nei?


It looks good, and tastes really good too! It’s Swiss Chocolate! What do you expect?(:

Selca shot like usual

I’m on the plump side, BUT still, despite the calories, I still like to indulge in chocolate every now and then.  Ah and Milk chocolate is my favourite(:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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