IKEA Meatballs at 10 CENTS each – Only on 8th March 2013! // While Stocks Last!

Most people head to IKEA not just for the furniture, but for the food as well!
And one of the most famous menu item will definitely have to be the meatballs!

However, due to the recent horsemeat scandal, IKEA stopped selling their meatballs in Singapore for about a week as a precautionary measure!

SINGAPORE — IKEA Singapore has said the meatballs at its cafeterias here contain only beef and pork sourced and produced from Australia but that, as a precautionary measure, it has stopped selling them for the time being until the results of a DNA test are out.

The Swedish furniture giant said it also has a halal line at IKEA Tampines, where meatballs containing a mixture of chicken from Brazil and beef from Australia are sold. These meatballs are halal-certified and produced locally.

“None of our ingredients are produced by the affected suppliers,” said a spokesperson.

IKEA Singapore made the statements yesterday after nearly all of its store cafeterias across Europe stopped selling meatballs, when meatballs from a supplier in Sweden were found to contain traces of horsemeat.

IKEA has stopped selling meatballs in 24 places, including Hong Kong, Thailand and the Dominican Republic, in addition to the 16 European countries announced on Monday.

The company is the latest group to be caught up in a Europe-wide scandal over the presence of horsemeat in ready-made dishes that erupted last month when horse DNA was detected in beef burgers in Britain and Ireland.

On Monday, IKEA withdrew the meatballs after the Czech authorities found horsemeat in the product.

One-kilogramme bags from the suspect batch of frozen meatballs were removed from the shelves in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Britain, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Cyprus, Greece and Ireland.

Stores in Sweden, Denmark, France and Romania also withdrew meatballs from sale as a precautionary measure but IKEA said there was no horsemeat in the meatballs served in its stores in the United States.

IKEA Singapore said yesterday it expected the test results, which would be ready by the middle of next week, to confirm that there are no indications of horsemeat in its meatballs.

Article Credits: TODAY Online

And the results are OUT!

IKEA to restart selling meatballs from tomorrow

SINGAPORE – IKEA Singapore has announced that they will resume sale of their meatballs from tomorrow, after DNA tests by a local independent lab confirmed that the meatballs sold locally contain only beef and pork, and the Halal-certified ones only beef and chicken.

The meatballs go on sale at 9.30am at the Swedish Food Market and 10.30am at the restaurant and will be available on a “while stocks last” basis.

The meatballs were taken off the menu last week in the wake of reports that IKEA had stopped selling the meatballs in Europe after DNA testing found them to have traces of horse meat.

The meatballs sold in Singapore contain beef and pork sourced and produced from Australia, while the halal meatballs contain a mixture of chicken from Brazil and beef from Australia and are produced locally.

To mark the meatballs’ return, IKEA will sell them at its IKEA Restaurant at both Alexendra and Tampines stores at $0.10 a piece tomorrow.

Article Credits: TODAY Online

Yes people.

IKEA MEATBALLS AT $0.10 (10 CENTS) EACH! And this is all I have to say:

And this as taken from 9Gag Singapore:

While stocks last

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