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Yet Another Sinkhole in Singapore? // Yes it’s true!

Still remember a couple of months back in January, there was a sinkhole/pothole of some sorts at Keppel?

Well apparently, another sinkhole in Singapore has appeared as seen below:

Yes, it does looks a little photoshopped, but it’s real alright!

According to STOMP:

Deep sinkhole appears in Clementi Road near NUS

A motorcyclist narrowly avoided falling into a sinkhole, measuring about 2 metres wide and 3 metres deep according to STOMPer Daniel, that appeared on Clementi Road near the National University of Singapore yesterday afternoon (Mar 04).


The STOMPer also said that he called the police for assistance, and that the motorcyclist was eventually conveyed to a hospital on an ambulance.

In his report, STOMPer Daniel wrote:

“I was sending my daughter to NUS for her exam when I saw the hole near the University Flyover on Clementi Road at 2.15pm yesterday (Mar 04).
“It was on the other side of the road so I made a u-turn to check it out.
“When I got there, I saw a motorcyclist who stood in front of the hole to warn others about the hole.
“The hole was about 2 metres wide and 3 metres deep.
“I also saw a friend there at the scene and spoke to the motorcyclist, who told us that his arm was in pain after he managed to avoid the sinkhole by swerving away in time.
“As such, my friend and I called the police to request for assistance.

“When the motorcyclist was conveyed to a hospital in an ambulance, I parked my pick-up in front of the hole and helped to divert traffic there.”
This sinkhole sighting is the second one reported this year.

In response to a query from STOMP, the Police confirmed the appearance of a sinkhole there.

spokesperson for the Singapore Police Force said:

“Police received a call on Mar 4 at 1.39pm requesting for assistance along Clementi Road towards West Coast.
“Upon police’s arrival, it was established that a pothole was found at the said location.
“No injuries were reported.
“The relevant authorities were notified, and police assistance was no longer required.”

Article Credits:STOMP Singapore

Eh, to be honest, that’s pretty scary no? Imagine if you fell into it! It’s like 3m deep leh! About 2x my height XD Luckily the motorist was able to avoid falling into the sinkhole and only sustained minor injuries, but what about in the future?

In this case, in January, there was a case as seen in Keppel Road, and now in March, there is yet another one.
It makes me feel super unsafe..because what if this happens? :O


A little farfetched I know, but you never know!

Till later,
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