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Gelato Cottage PoMo // Food Review

This blog post was supposed to be up earlier, but I was swamped with too much to do! Plus I was on a nice holiday to Bangkok – which I will post about really soon!(: It was a really fruitful trip but it just passed by wayyyyyyyy too fast!

Anyway, today, I just wanted to introduce a great gelato place called..

Gelato Cottage!

1 Selegie Road, PoMo,(formerly known as Paradiz Centre)
B1-04, Singapore 188306

It’s like pretty close to my workplace, and I’ve tried it twice a couple of months ago. The first time I had the Lychee Martini with the bf, while the second time, I had their delicious cottage pie as seen below.

They were delicious btw!(:

Miss Shaeya’s Cottage Pie from Gelato Cottage

What made me go back again was because a two weeks ago during lunch, they were passing out these flyers for a 1 day only promotion!


Looks good yeah? So I decided to have it with the bf(:

1 day only 1 for 1 Gelato Cottage offer!

It was pretty crowded that day as you can see. Everyone was really attracted to this 1 day only offerjust like us!

Gelato Cottage Entrance
Gelato Cottage (Taken from Gelato Cottage Facebook)
Loads of flavors to choose from (Credits: Gelato Cottage Facebook)

And here we are, with our gelato!(: The bf had belgian chocolate while I had the vanilla. Totally safe choice I know, but I wasn’t up for the other flavours available there. I know there’s this caramel one which tasted alot like paddle pop!

Happy with our gelato!

Yepp, his belgian chocolate!(: He’s a big fan of chocolate if you realized. Hehe, and he liked it loads! Had a taste of it as well, was great, but not really my favourite!

Belgian Chocolate Gelato

And here’s mine!(: Uhuh, I’m a HUGE fan of vanilla ice cream and gelato if you didn’t know. So generally I would order it. Luckily I wasn’t disappointed by the one at Gelato Cottage(:

Vanilla Gelato

I think that we paid about $3.60 (think it’s wrong, can’t remember the exact price) for both our gelato? They were the Junior Bear Gelato cup size – the smallest ones available which was applicable for this offer.

Was worth it though!

Random camwhore photo with our ice cream. Too bad the bf got cropped out ;p

Sadly, this 1 for 1 offer was only available on that day. HOWEVER, they gave me this coupon where I could redeem a free Classico Junior Bear Gelato in a cup with purchase of any ala carte meal. Ends 6 March 2013 and I’m not sure if they are still giving out this coupon.


Well, I’m just left with the last 2 days to redeem this coupon. Not sure if I would use it, but we’ll see!(:

Also, would assume that their ala-carte meals would be referring to their old/new dishes available such as:

All Day Breakfast (Credits: Gelato Cottage Facebook)
Miss Shaeya’s Cottage Pie (Credits: Gelato Cottage Facebook)
Waffle Treats (Photo Credits Gelato Cottage)

Looks good yeah?

Well, ever since the Prima Deli closed down at PoMo, I’ve been hankering after waffles, so I might head down to Gelato Cottage for some waffles with gelato in the future. Ah, and of course, for some yummy gelato(:

Would recommend this place!

So drop by for a visit when you’re around the area(:

1 Selegie Road, PoMo,(formerly known as Paradiz Centre)
B1-04, Singapore 188306

Also, would suggest you like them on Facebook to keep updated on exciting updates, for instance, another 1 for offer maybe?(:

Like them on Facebook:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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