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Decease of Animal Lover in Choa Chu Kang: Hundreds of Animals for Urgent Adoption

Last week, I posted an appeal regarding FarMart, but I realized that the person who put up the appeal had some wrong information, so I took it down to share more accurate information from instead from Farmart Rescue.

Decease of Animal Lover in Choa Chu Kang: Hundreds of Animals for Urgent Adoption

Reported by Chin K.S. (Translated by animal welfare volunteer)
Lianhe Wanbao, 27 February 2013

Hundreds of animals are in peril. Ms Pauline Chin, 57, owner of Farmart, a pet shop in Choa Chu Kang, was discovered on 22 February 2013 to have passed away in her shop. The death was believed to be from an asthma attack. An avid animal lover, Ms Chin had taken in and left behind approximately 200 abandoned animals, including cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, hamsters and tortoises.

Zheng Liang, 27, Ms Chin’s godson, recalled her as a remarkable woman who loved animals more than herself. Ms Chin was prudent in her personal expenses to allow for generous spending on the animals to ensure that they received the best care. At Farmart, while pet sales are conducted at the front of the shop, much of the space at the back of the shop is used as a shelter for the abandoned animals. In order to take in more animals, Ms Chin even rented one more shop. Her baldness was the hallmark of her dedication – she shaved her head for convenience in wiping off the perspiration from the rigorous task of caring for hundreds of animals, including the old and sickly ones that she had never hesitated in taking in.

Over the years, the number of animals that came under her care grew, and so did her expenditure on the animals, especially on their food. As the pet shop was not generating profits, it was the aid and support from acquainted customers that had sustained Ms Chin’s charitable efforts.

Since Ms Chin’s decease, Zheng Liang has been taking care of the animals. However, as he holds a day job, the task of tending to the animals every night has taken a toll on him. Respecting Ms Chin’s strong belief that every animal has the right to live, Zheng Liang is now appealing to the public to adopt the animals. Currently, there are 39 rabbits and 52 cats amongst the animals. Zheng Liang hopes that there would be charitable souls who could adopt the rabbits and cats.

“Every animal adopted is a life saved,” says Zheng Liang.

NOTE: Though there was a claim on possible euthanasia by SPCA, SPCA was not approached or informed of the matter. SPCA will also not be putting down any animal.

All forms of help would be greatly appreciated. Please visit http://www.facebook.com/FarmartRescue to contact the volunteers. Thank you.


Kindly note the following:

There are a total of 38 rabbits and 4 guinea pigs at Farmart. There is no dog for adoption.
The Cat Welfare Society will be managing the cats. For any enquiry, please approach the Society.

Right now there is a appeal being held for:

  • DONATIONS towards the medical treatment, daily supplies (hay and pellets), sheltering and sterilisation of 37 rabbits and 4 guinea pigs
  • FOSTERING of the animals (commitment of 6 months and experience in rabbit care preferred as most of the animals are unwell, e.g. scabies)

We hope to raise a minimum sum of $10,000. Here are some approximate costs for your reference:

a. Treatment of scabies: $50 per rabbit
b. Sterilisation: $100 per male rabbit, $150 per female rabbit 

To offer your help, please contact us at any of the following:

  1. Facebook private message
  2. Email: farmartrescue@gmail.com
  3. Phone: 90425181

Our volunteers will be in touch with you.

Please note that we will be using a volunteer’s unused personal account, 709-04940-2 (POSB Current) (Owner: FANG Mee Foong). For transparency, we will be posting all donations, expenditure and expenditure receipts here on the Farmart Rescue (Rabbits) facebook page. Please let us know if your donation is not reflected here after our volunteers have confirmed receipt of your donation.

Photographs of some of the animals are in the photo album, “2 Mar 2013”. As the 37 rabbits and 4 guinea pigs are showing symptoms of sickness, they are not ready for adoption at the moment. Scabies treatment usually requires a month; we also hope to sterilise the animals before they go to loving, permanent homes with their adopters. Meanwhile, if you are interested in adopting a rabbit, you may also wish to consider the precious bunch under the care of the House Rabbit Society of Singapore (HRSS) or the SPCA.

Regardless of their origin, all animals deserve a second chance and a loving home. With each adoption, a space is created in the organisation for another life to be saved. 

Thank you once again for supporting the efforts in giving these darlings the love and care that they deserve.

We would also like to thank Dr Cathy Chan (The Animal Doctors) for her free consultation for the animals.

Last but not least, Keva, one of the 38 Farmart rabbits, has left for the Rainbow Bridge. Binky free and well, Keva. You will always be one of our beloved Bunson bunnies.

Credits: Farmart Rescue Facebook

Till later,
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