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Man, 25, pretends to be possessed to make 5 minors perform obscene acts on him // Shame On Him

Today, the bf excitedly messaged me at work saying that:
“Wow, my ex bunkmate is in the news today. Headlines!”.
My first reaction was to reply him:”Good or bad?”.
He replied: “Very bad”.

And this is why:

To the media, this is the face of a monster as quoted by The New Paper.

To the bf, this is the face of his ex bunk mate at camp 4 – 5 years ago. Indeed, the bf knew Simon Wong Choy Chuan as they were in the same camp. And Simon’s position was a storeman while the bf was an intel spec – if you were wondering about it. The bf’s memories of Simon weren’t fond ones as apparently, no one likes him at camp.

In fact, the bf only remembers him as the lazy slacker guy who tried to borrow money from him and a few of his other campmates shortly after they ORD-ed. And yeah, he looks like a Malay – but he’s Chinese.

Anyway, this is what he did:

1. The short summary as taken from TNP:

Man, 25, pretends to be possessed to make 5 minors perform obscene acts on him

He told the girls that he had supernatural powers (LOL) and they had to perform sex acts to prove their love for him.

The five girls were aged between 12 and 15 then. Two of them even went on to become his accomplices, helping to coerce other victims into performing these obscene acts.

When he was finally caught and taken to court, he claimed the girls had forced themselves on him.

Simon Wong Choy Chuan, 25, was yesterday convicted of 10 counts of sexual offences involving minors. He is out on bail until his sentencing on March 14.

Article Credits: Elizabeth Law, The New Paper Online

And if you are up for it, here’s the longer version which was featured on The New Paper including photos. Yeah, the bf buys it almost on a daily basis. It’s great to read up on all the interesting news and current affairs around the world and Singapore from The New Paper, and it’s just 70 cents(:

Anyway, here you go:

2. The Longer Version from The New Paper Newspaper Article by Elizabeth Law

Basically he claimed to be possessed by his brother’s spirit and used this ruse to lure five minors into performing lewd acts on him. And yes, he does NOT have a brother.

You can read part of the entire article (pretty long) here:
I’m not going to type them all out, and sorry for the last picture!

In pictorial form to make it easier to understand what he did:

1. At a void deck in Ang Mo Koi, Simon Wong Choy Chuan takes out an amulet from Victim 2’s (V2) bag, bows over it and starts chanting inaudibly

2. Purportedly possessed, Wong stares at Victim 5 (V5) and claims to be “Gasura” (wtf?). As “Gasura”, he tells V5 she must perform sex acts on him to prove her love. A shocked V5 agrees (even more wtf?)

3. 3. Wong reverts to his usual self and asks the girls what happened. When they tell him, he asks V5 to follow him to a staircase landing

4. At the landing, Wong asks V5 to sit down. V5 looks away when he places his hand on his shorts. He then takes her hand and makes her masturbate him

The bf and my reaction to this news:

1. He’s such a freaking disgusting pervert. Hello? These girls are only aged 12-15. If he needs help in controlling his desires, please enroll into a psychiatrist ward at IMH to be treated for this condition

2. He is actually claiming that they forced him to do those acts? HAHAHAHHA living in his own world isit? And now he’s turning to mummy – ‘I don’t know what to say, only my mom can speak on my behalf‘. If you did something wrong, OWN UP. Be a MAN (Sorry, as you can tell, I hate guys like this Simon-thingy)

3. We are sorry to agree that we think the girls were ..not too smart? Or should I say..naive? Well, in their defense, they are at a very influential age. And we think that girls should seriously be careful when meeting people from online games for the first time especially through games such as AuditionSea and MapleStory. There are many predators like him on these sort of online games.

4. We can’t believe that there were 2 girls (aged 12-15) who became his accomplices to help him coerce other victims into performing these lewd acts on him. Have they got no sense of what’s right or wrong?

5. The bf is still in shock and can’t get over the fact that he actually knows this guy.

And just to add on. This is NOT Simon’s first time committing this sort of crime as mentioned previously. For example, I found this old article on ChannelNewsAsia. That’s him alright!

SINGAPORE: A storeman was charged on Thursday with molesting a 12-year-old girl at the staircase landing of a block of flats.

24-year-old Simon Wong Choy Chuan allegedly kissed and hugged her at the block in Ang Mo Kio on May 3, 2012.

Wong, who is believed to be involved in other similar cases, has been remanded at Jurong Police Division for further investigation.

His case will be heard again on May 17.


Credits:ChannelNewsAsia HERE

To the girls out there, KNOW this face so you won’t get molested by him or be led into committing obscene acts with him.

I shall await to hear the sentence that the jury is passing on 14th March 2013. I hope it will be a heavy sentence to teach him a lesson for doing such obscene acts with these young girls.

Utterly disgusted by his actions

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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  1. Hi Mitsueki!

    I too was his bunkmate at PLC camp and it is true what your bf said. Nobody likes him, he steals and always gets in trouble. Lets hope he get the sentence he deserve.

    1. he’s my pri school and sec.sch senior sia… OMG! but as what i know, he have mental problem & those girls are so naive to even believe in such story … faint~ feel so embarrassed to even know him

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