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Rider dies on first day of work (Farrer Road Accident) // Appeal for Witnesses

Oh God. Seriously??? What’s with the accidents – especially FATAL accidents in the recent months? 2013 doesn’t seem to be a good year.
Coss I saw this being shared by my Facebook friends during lunch today.

Rider dies on first day of work

TNP PHOTO: Benjamin Seetor

It was his first day at work, and tragically, it proved to be his last.

Lim Poh Wah (Taken from his Facebook)

Mr Lim Poh Wah, 29, was delivering documents when he fell off his motorbike after a near collision with a taxi.

A black Volvo then ran over him.

He was pronounced dead at the scene by the Singapore Civil Defence Officers.

He was hit near the Farrer Road Market bus stop.

The driver of the Volvo, a woman who looked to be in her 40s, declined to comment.

She looked visibly shaken and was dabbing her tears with a tissue. She was overheard telling SCDF officers: “It happened too fast and I couldn’t stop.”

Credits:The New Paper Online HERE

Appeal for Eye-Witnesses:
Right now, his friend – BoOn VentuRa on Facebook is appealing for witnesses to this accident as the taxi driver who caused his friend, Lim Poh Wah to fall in the collusion fled.


Please help spread! My friend was hit by a taxi and taxi just fled away. He pass away on the spot.
Eye witness needed! Happen around farrer road there! Please help spread to nab the hit and run culprit!

Credits: BoOn VentuRa on Facebook

So if you were around Farrer Road yesterday, and have a photo/video/memory of what happened – or know the cab plate number, do come forward to help nab the taxi driver who ran away!

Call the police at: 1800 255 0000
Your cooperation will be of great assistance in having justice faced

The cab driver – whoever he is should seriously face the consequences of his actions.

Also, just a note, we can’t just put 100% of the blame onto the woman driver solely (which most people are doing so) because you must remember, if the cab driver didn’t cause Poh Wah to fall, then the woman driver (in the Volvo) wouldn’t have run over him. Essentially, both of them are at fault because they did cause his death. But we can’t really be judge of that. More evidence is needed before we can really form a solid conclusion.

On an end note, this is really a tragedy. He was so young  and he was at the prime of his life.

RIP Lim Poh Wah

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