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NS45 // Free SAFRA Vouchers!

Just in case you don’t know this, but this year marks 45 years of NS (National Service) which all of you guys know so well(: Indeed, NS has been around since 1967!

Oh, just some extra tidbits to read about:

Basically, the theme of NS45 is “NS: From Fathers to Sons“– reflecting the multi-generational duty of Singaporeans to ensure the peace, security and progress of our country. NS is a part of every Singaporean’s life – whether you are an NSman, a mother, sister, wife, girlfriend or employer. NS45 serves to recognise the contributions of our NSmen, as well as to inspire our youths, families and employers to continue supporting National Service.

Credits:NS45 Facebook About Page

And in celebration of the 45th anniversary of NS and as a one-off recognition initiative to thank Singapore National Servicemen for their dedicated service to the nation, the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) are giving away $100 million worth of SAFRA benefits to more than 900,000 National Servicemen! So do check below for some of  the AWESOME SAFRA benefits you are eligible for!

Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 1.39.03 AM

That’s pretty awesome huh?

So better keep a look out for your NS45 eligibility letters in the mail from now till Apr 13. You’ll get to enjoy shopping, F&B, IT/gadgets and travel benefits at 5,000 outlets islandwide! Then they will request for you to confirm your address before your vouchers will be sent out.  (Registration for NS45 vouchers ends 28 Feb 14; vouchers are valid until 31 Mar 14).

Oh and to register/confirm your address for these vouchers (details as seen above), then what you have to do is register at the NS45 SAFRA website by 28 February 2014!

Yep, you just have the follow the 4 easy peasy steps to register!


>> Click HERE to register for your SAFRA vouchers! <<

It will most likely take a couple of weeks for the letter to arrive. This is the bf’s NS45 letter containing the free $80 SAFRA vouchers and his SAFRA membership card (valid till March 2014) which he is eligible for(:


Well, to be honest, what everyone loves the most are the complimentary SAFRA vouchers. HAHAA! Ah and this is an attached pamphlet listing like all the SAFRA locations you can redeem your vouchers at as well as the many participating outlets (over 5,000!!!) that accept these vouchers.

Check some of the participating outlets, some of which are found at the SAFRA Clubs as seen below!

IMG_20130224_2 IMG_20130224_3 IMG_20130224_4


**UPDATED! You can even use the vouchers at Zalora Singapore!**
Plus get an EXTRA 10% OFF when you enter the voucher code: NS45

Use your NS45 SAFRA Vouchers at Zalora today!

So, I asked the bf what he planned on doing with the vouchers. And he replied:

‘I don’t know leh, I feel like meeting up with my old army buddies’

Then he showed me a photo of him and his campmates when they were in Australia for army training during his NS days.

He looked at this photo wistfully and said, yeah, the good times.

From there, it was decided. He’s going to use the SAFRA vouchers received to meet up with his old camp buddies. But first, where?

There are over 5,000 outlets where the SAFRA vouchers can be used, but the bf wanted to go to the closest SAFRA club near his home, which is the one at Tampines. So last week, we took a trip to Tampines SAFRA to check out the facilities available there.

At Tampines SAFRA

Some were free to use, while the others are not. But of course, you can use your SAFRA vouchers for that. So here are some of them!(:

The bf running towards to the swimming pool

First up, there is this HUGE swimming pool! Too bad, the bf can’t swim! HAHAH!

Swimming pool at SAFRA Tampines

There’s even a smaller pool for the kids.

Swimming Pool

Squash courts for the boys. The bf used to be a squash player, but he hasn’t played for the last few years as he couldn’t find anyone to play with. Perhaps this would be an opportunity!(: Lol, and he didn’t consider me to play with me of course, I would just scream if the ball comes rocketing at me. HAHHAAH XD

Squash Courts (Image from SAFRA)

And apparently, it’s a pretty loved sports. Check out the number of guys resting/waiting for their turns (and watching) outside the numerous squash courts.

Resting/Watching squash players

At the rooftop, there’s a tennis court where we spotted a couple of tennis players.

SAFRA Tampines Tennis Court

Over at another end, there’s a football field with a stadium (not in picture). I hear that many local teams do practice, train and host competitions there so it’s great if you’re a fan of local football!

Football field where you can watch local football teams with your buddies!

If you’re up for it, you can even sign up for football lessons!(:

Enroll for football lessons with your buddies!(:

Spotted around SAFRA Tampines, we saw a couple of function rooms available for booking.

Large function rooms available for booking
Function rooms – organize a gathering with your buddies!

Other facilities include a billards room (very popular as you can see), a table football area, gym, a small casino, lan shop (popular!) as well as bowling arcade.

Billards anyone? Great to bond and catch up while playing!
Table football! One of the bf’s favorite games with his buddies in the past
Go Gyming at SAFRA with your buddies! Photo taken from SAFRA website
Small Casino for over 21+ men to gamble ;p
Lan Shop to play Dota 2/L4D2/HoN/LoL/CS and all the other awesome games to play with your buddies
Bowl with your buddies!

This is the bf’s favourite spot of all the places!

His favorite place

And he couldn’t resist turning back to watch the screening of football matches.

You can watch live screenings of football matches with your buddies at Tampines SAFRA!

And I think that’s all the facilities we spotted on our trip to SAFRA Tampines. Of course, I may have left out a few, but all in all, there are really loads of facilities that you can use your SAFRA vouchers at! Ah and oops, I forgot to mention that there are a number of dining establishments at SAFRA Tampines where the vouchers can be used at too!

Here are some of them as seen below:

Sakura International Buffet
AMBLE seatings for gatherings to eat, chat and catch up!
MindCafe under renovation, but opening soon! It’s an awesome place to hang out at with your buddies!(:

Just to mention, there are loads of courses (and road trips!) available for you to join as well. If any interests you, why not sign up with your buddies?

Courses and Travel!

After our trip to Tampines SAFRA, the bf STILL wasn’t sure where he would use the vouchers as he was so spoilt for choice!. But he’s leaning towards MindCafe once it’s renovation is over as well as eating at Sakura Buffet restaurant. So it’s probably one of these.

Overall, SAFRA Tampines has the bf’s thumbs up! And it’s really a great place where all the boys can hang out together and either become closer as a unit, or basically, just catch with old buddies and to maintain your brotherly bonds since your NS days. Plus most of the facilities are catered towards small to large scale groups, so there’s always something for everyone whether it’s playing lan games, eating out to regular gym sessions and playing squash.

Thumbs up for the facilities at SAFRA Tampines!

But of course for you, none of the facilities or activities I mentioned above MAY NOT appeal to you as opinions differ or Tampines SAFRA is just not at a convenient place. Not to worry though, there are still plenty of SAFRA Clubs around Singapore namely – SAFRA Jurong, SAFRA Mount Faber, SAFRA Toa Payoh and SAFRA Yishun with loads of different facilities there that you might prefer instead!

The following are my top picks/suggestions from the above mentioned SAFRAs which the bf is also considering as well (except that the locations aren’t too convenient for him, unlike at SAFRA Tampines, the lazy pig)

1. Indoor Air Weapons Range (SAFRA Yishun)

2.Astons Specialities Dining (SAFRA Toa Payoh)

3. BBQ pits (All SAFRAS)

Have a barbeque at SAFRA!

4. Sing K with your buddies at Party World (SAFRA Yishun) and K Box (SAFRA Jurong & Mount Faber)!

Party World K~
Sing at K Box!~

And of course, other than the ones I mentioned above, there are so many other facilities all around the SAFRAs islandwide where you can use your SAFRA vouchers to hang out with your buddies and friends!

SAFRA NS45 Vouchers

Don’t they all sound like so MUCH FUN? So what are you waiting for?!

>> Click HERE to register for your SAFRA vouchers! <<
>> Click HERE for more details about SAFRA NS45! <<

Man, you guys are so lucky!

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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