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NSman suffers heart attack during IPPT training

Just read this news that came out today which got me worried for the bf and PISSED at him. Read on to for the article and my rant below.

A Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) NSman had a cardiac arrest yesterday on Thursday while undergoing training at Maju Camp.

IPPT. Photo Credits: Straits Times

The SAF said in a statement that Lance Corporal (LCP) (NS) Chew Koh Leong, 32, was at IPPT Preparatory Training at the camp when the medical emergency happened at 7.25pm. The IPPT is a mandatory annual fitness test.

LCP(NS) Chew was successfully resuscitated by an SAF medical doctor and medic and sent to the National University Hospital (NUH) at 7.55pm. He is being treated in the intensive care unit. The SAF said the cause of his cardiac arrest is being investigated by NUH specialists.

The statement added that LCP(NS) Chew had no known prior history of heart disease, but did not elaborate on what he was doing when the cardiac arrest happened.

Credits: The Straits Times Online

Thank goodness nothing happened to this guy. And I do wonder what really happened huh?

Guess we will know once the investigation is over. So let’s just wait for it.

But then again, NS men having cardiac arrests during IPPT isn’t really too surprising as there have been cases of it happening – with fatalities. For example, check out this article written last year in January 2012:

SINGAPORE – Two servicemen died from cardiac-related causes while taking their Individual Physical Proficiency Tests (IPPT) in the past five years, Parliament was told on Friday afternoon.

Although this works out to a low incidence rate of 0.35 cardiac fatalities per 100,000 persons, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) still takes a serious view of such deaths and other training-related injuries, Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Heng said.

Dr Ng was replying to questions from Dr Lim Wee Kiak, MP for Nee Soon GRC, about cardiac fatalities arising from IPPT, whether there are plans to review the test criteria, and if adequate medical screening is in place.

On Jan 10 2012, a 28-year-old national serviceman – who was undergoing his in-camp training at Choa Chu Kang – collapsed and died after completing the 2.4km run of his IPPT.

In response to Dr Lim, Dr Ng said that around 116,000 SAF personnel take the IPPT annually and comprehensive medical screening procedures are conducted during the serviceman’s entire NS period.

This screening starts from the pre-enlistee stage to when the servicemen reach the age of 35, after which a yearly screening is required before they are allowed to take the IPPT.

The screening guidelines for heart related conditions, which were reviewed recently in May 2011, are developed by a panel comprising leading senior cardiologists from the public sector and senior SAF doctors, Dr Ng explained.

With regard to the IPPT criteria, Dr Ng said that appropriate standards are set for different categories of servicemen according to gender, age and medical status.

“These standards are comparable to those used by armed forces in other countries such as the United States and United Kingdom,” Dr Ng said.

“It has been reviewed a number of times, over the years, and as I said, you need a test because so many NSmen take it a year, over 100,000 SAF personnel. You need a test which is efficient and effective.”

Credits:AsiaOne News Article


(Prepare for a super angry rant. Skip if you’d like)

You know what really gets to me? This line -> a 28-year-old national serviceman – who was undergoing his in-camp training at Choa Chu Kang – collapsed and died after completing the 2.4km run of his IPPT.

And why?

The reason: Because of the bf.

Summary of following Rant: While I was halfway writing this post, I was on Steam Chat with the bf and this just reminded me of his poor health and IPPT. It got me worried and thinking about it. Then I broached an age old topic which we discussed and argued over many times since last year – of him getting his fat ass to the doctor for a check up to verify his health status. He gave me some shitty excuse to put it off and I got mad. So I wrote this rant to vent my frustrations and make myself feel better. The End

The Long Story:
Basically, the bf’s been having issues with the 2.4km run during IPPT over the last couple of years and it’s shocking that he’s having them at this age. For example, he keeps feeling nauseous when he is running the 2.4km, and he always feels sick when running. This includes occasional chest pains as well.

But the issue is that…he used to be a sprinter back in Secondary School, plus he does loads of sporty stuff and..he has been a constant Gold since his NS days. Well, till recently. And do note, he is able to achieve a Gold in all the other areas – except the 2.4km which he just can’t even pass. Then obviously it is a PROBLEM, which we average people can’t identify. But a doctor can do it right?

So yeah, I’m really worried that something is really wrong with his body or it could be a potential heart issue. So you know, he might get a cardiac arrest like the above and I DON’T want this to happen to him as well. That’s why I’ve been pestering and nagging at him since LAST YEAR to go see a doctor for a full medical check up to verify that there is NOTHING wrong. I know going to the doctor is a huge hassle and inconvenience (and expensive) especially because you need to be referred to a specialist, but they are the people who can pinpoint the issue or problem with YOUR body.

Health is wealth. Why can’t you understand that?

That’s why I get so freaking frustrated and PISSED so badly when he just keeps putting it off like it is NOTHING IMPORTANT. It’s since LAST YEAR. And I think that health is IMPORTANT. And seriously. He keeps making these promises but he’s not keeping them. But technically of course, he’s not breaking them. He just PUTS THEM OFF.

*shows an extremely bitchy face*

Like before, he was working full time, so obviously he didn’t want to go to a doctor for a check up because he is an extremely lazy person and it’s expensive (and time consuming) so he PROMISED that he would go for it AFTER his contract ended in December. So..December came and passed and he didn’t go see a doctor. Hell, I even wrote it in my calendar to remind him to go do a checkup, and you know what’s the next excuse he came up with?

“Aiya, my IPPT coming soon, try running first and training up and then I’ll see a doctor if it’s an issue.”
**Note: He KNOWS it could potentially be an issue

Anyway, I gave him the months of January and February 2013 to train up for his IPPT somewhere in Feb. And a couple of weeks ago, it was his IPPT.

No surprise, he failed as usual due to his 2.4km. And the reason – Feeling sick when running.



And today, after reading the articles above, I broached this topic again with him because it scared me. I really don’t want something like this to happen. And I just want to know or have the doctor verify that he is 100% healthy. It will at least relieve my mind a little bit.

BUT NOOOO.. he was SO NONCHALANT. And he came up with YET another putting off excuse:
“After my RT, I see if is okay. If not then I’ll go see the doctor”

So I flipped. And yeah, you can tell, I’m pretty pissed off to be ranting like this on my blog. And it’s because,


Okay, I’m going to stop ranting now because I can just go on FOREVER. Plus, I feel much better penning down my thoughts than just keeping all my frustrations in me over the years about this issue.

And it frustrates me to no end. Oh, you know what’s frustrating me most? (Here I go again..)

He never gets why I’m always so pissed at him.

Ugh typical guy trait. Sorry for stereotyping!

Well, since he’s been always saying that I get mad for no reason. So here, these are my feelings, thoughts and the reason why I am at the moment FRUSTRATED and PISSED at him all nicely written down while I’m in a very bitchy mood as the big M is coming soon as well..

Sigh, I’m sorry that I have revealed this side on me on my blog – and yes, I can’t be so cheery and happy go lucky all the time you know. But really, I feel better now after all the rage and frustration that literally poured out of me as I finished this rant part of the post.

Tomorrow will be a bright and happy day, I hope.
Good night world.

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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