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My Valentine’s Day on 14th February 2013 // Featuring Twelve Cupcakes and Cacio E Pepe Italian Restaurant

The title is pretty obvious on what I’m going to write about yea? Well in case you can’t be bothered to read it, so basically I’ll be sharing how I spent my Valentine’s Day last week on 14th February 2013! Hope it’ll be an interesting read for you!(:

The day before Valentine’s Day (and the weeks before), it was just a freaking headache thinking of what to give to the bf for Valentine’s Day. Guys..are such bothersome creatures to buy presents for! ROAR! 

In the end though, this is what I got for him, yes nothing fancy, but I would like to think they are thoughtful ;p:

1. Chinese Manga (3 New Series to Start)

New Series of Chinese Manga for him to start on

2. Mystery LOL present guaranteed to make him go – wth is this shit? Scroll down to the end of the post to see what it is ;p

Can you guess the contents? ;p

3. Oreo Hersley Kisses from me to him ;p

Orea Hersley Kisses
Placed in this super cute container from Daiso

4. A pretty box from Daiso HAHA!

The most guy-ish looking box I could get ;p

And all of these were packed into my nice environmentally friendly brown paper bag from Typo!

Typo bag

Ah you know, I’m sad to say that Valentine’s Day isn’t a public holiday, because I think it deserves to be one don’t you think so? And on Thursday, I wasn’t really surprised to see loads of absenteeism at work. I didn’t want to waste my leave so I decided to just go to work and think about how the bf would celebrate Vday with me after that(: But I have to mention, it RAINED like the ENTIRE day!

However, before the Vday dinner date in the evening, I saw so many sweet happenings on Facebook and one in my office during the day! For example,  my colleague’s bf braved the rain to deliver these cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes to her(: And he bought two boxes so that the people in the office could share.

So we opened up the first box and whee! Look at the yummy cupcakes!

Chocolate Cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes

And then we opened the second one and we were like… WOAH!!!! This is SO CUTE right? I ♥ You spelt out in icing on chocolate cupcakes! Bet you never expected that!

So we proclaimed this box to be hers! 

I Love You Cupcakes

But in the end, there just wasn’t enough to pass around so the guys got to eat one of the I ♥ You cupcakes. Hehe

All the 6 cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes

And to be honest..I’ve never ever tried cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes before! I heard the chocolate and red velvet cupcakes were good, but it’s really expensive! So I was really glad to have this opportunity to try a cupcake(:

The cupcake I selected was this chocolate cupcake with orea icing!

Chocolate Cupcake with Orea Icing from Twelve Cupcakes

Looks yummyish yeah?

My first cupcake from Twelve Cupcakes!

And oh yeah, it was GOOD! How can it NOT be especially when you consider it’s popularity AND price?! HAHA!

So I may consider purchasing them in the future.

The keyword here being: MAYBE!

And here I am, pondering if the bf lined up any surprises for me later. He’s not really a romantic guy at all. Hmph, well, beggars can’t be choosers! Kekekekekeke


Anyway, I was waiting rather anxiously for 6pm to come so that I could meet him! He had the car as his mom went to Korea for an overseas trip so it was a great thing especially because it was raining so heavily! And before I left to meet him, I did some double checking!

A) Gifts ready!

Making sure that my gifts were ready!

B) Outfit of the Day (OOTD) from Seven Dresses looks great!

My OOTD from Seven Dresses

I like it loads! And I love the price cos I got it at such a STEAL! Yes, BELOW $10!
Some blogshops are selling it for $18-$26(: Oh and the blog post about my Seven Dresses blogshop loot will up sometime in the future. ;p

OOTD from Seven Dresses for Valentine’s Day

Our Vday celebration this year is pretty simple. First of all, the bf did surprise me with roses as I stepped into the car.

Valentine’s Day roses

I wasn’t really expecting it because prices of roses are jacked up incredibly high during Vday. But well, these would do(:

Happy ^^

And random photo of the bf while he’s preparing to drive to Cacio E Pepe(:

The bf all dressed up

And just before we reached, the ONLY couple photo we took during Valentine’s. Lol. Was rushing for our dinner reservation at 7.15pm!

Couple shot! We look like crap here!

And finally, we were ushered in to our reserved table(: Thank God he took the initiative to book, it was a full house all the wayat Cacio E Pepe that evening!

Reserved for us(:
The bf, perusing the menu

And before really looking at menu, let me just share some information about Cacio E Pepe with you! It’s our favourite Italian dining place in Singapore which we stumbled on two years ago. Generally we go for a meal there on my birthday. Not sure why, but it’s like our special place(:

Cacio E Pepe
3 Chu Lin Road, Singapore, Singapore 669890
Today 11:30 – 14:30, 18:00 – 22:30

“Cacio e Pepe” translates to “Cheese & Pepper” which are two things that always go well together. Tucked away in a quiet suburban location, we endeavor to create a relaxed Italian dining experience with authentic Italian cuisine using highest quality ingredients. The restaurant can easily sit 50 people and provide group events as required.  Free ample parking is available.  The kitchen serves lunch and dinner daily and the coffee bar is always opened for coffee and deserts.

And yes, it’s been awhile since I posted a food review yeah? Don’t worry, after this, there are SO many of them lined up in the next couple of weeks/months! HAHA! All overdue and just totally piling up cos..there are always things happening everyday that I just want to share! The interesting ones that is.

Okay, sorry for as usual – rambling and back to Cacio E Pepe! Well, I really like their service there. Plus, they do remember me! I’ve only been there like..twice? But I was remembered as that Bolognese girl because I simply..ADORE their Bolognese. It’s seriously, the BEST Bolognese that I have EVER tasted. I have been everywhere trying to find a better one, but nothing can top this.

Ironically, I didn’t choose to order it on Valentine’s Day.

Lol, so yeah, these were just some decorations they had to make it more Valentine-y for that day! And while it seems like it is empty..well, it was a full house from 7.30pm onwards. And even after we left!

Balloon Decorations
Rose petals on the table

And now I took the liberty of taking photos of their menu so you can see the prices. It’s not very pocket friendly as you can tell, but I can tell you, the price is WORTH IT!

Antipasti (Appetizers)
Zuppe (Soup) & Insalate (Salads)
Primi Piatti (First Course or ‘Pasta’
Risotto (Rice) & Lasagne

And I forgot to take the picture of the Secondi Piatti Carne (Meat) & Fish ~_~

Dal Forno Della Pizza
Dolci (Home made Desserts)

To view a clearer description of the menu, click HERE to view! I know mine’s kinda blur, took it under dark lighting with my phone. Hehe

Anyway, here’s what we had. As always, I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking!(:

Starter 1: Complimentary Bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Bread with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

Starter 2: Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread // SGD 4

They had an extensive wine list, but unfortunately, we both don’t appreciate wine so it would be a waste if we were to order that.

Wine List, just the first page. Loads more!

Instead, we had the normal drinks(:

Coke // SGD 3
Imported Orange Juice from Italy // SGD 4

As usual, I would always order a bowl of Mushroom Soup(:

Mushroom Soup // SGD 10

Drizzled with olive oil and cream

I adore mushroom soup!

This is by far the most expensive, and best tasting mushroom soup in my opinion! It’s just done right in my opinion, the consistency of the soup, the flavor, ah I could just go on. Overall, it’s just a very nice, thick and creamy bisque!

One word – delicious

We both had pastas as our main course. The bf had the spaghetti carbonara which by the way, has no cream. This is actually how an authentic Italian Carbonara should be. Plus it’s healthier and actually tastes better. Not so ‘ni’ although in some cases, like Hoshino Coffee, who can do it pretty well.

Spaghetti Carbonara // SGD 20

I also took a bit of the bf’s carbonara to try. And as expected, it was excellent.


For myself, I had their Valentine’s Day Special of Lobster Ravioli instead of my Spaghetti Bolognese.

Lobster Ravioli // SGD 28

If I remember right, the sauce is olive oil sprinkled with truffle butter or something along that line.

Lobster Filling (abit blur sorry!)

Regardless, it was very very good. And very very expensive. This was my most expensive pasta dish that I’ve ever eaten yet. Lol. But it was good and well, indulging once in a while is okay(: Plus I’m not the one paying XD

But guess what? I still prefer the spaghetti bolognaise (SGD 20)! Will probably head down there again JUST to eat it. Seriously! XD

We ended off dinner with a lava cake with macadamia nuts (comes with a scoop of Italian ice cream)

Lava Cake with Macadamia Nuts // SGD 14

And yep, break it and tadaa

It flows~
Looks yummy ya?
Demolishing it

Again, I have nothing negative to say. And I seriously ADORE the ice cream!
But it can’t win Hokkaido Ice Cream! ;p

Anyway, here’s a photo of the bf. The reason why he’s doing that expression is because I allowed him to finish my Cola. Whatever that is left of it. And that’s also because he’s been uh..having alot of extra gas in his stomach recently, so I forbade him to drink too much soft drinks.

The heheheheheheh face

Don’t give me that face! It’s for your own good!


And well, that’s it for our Valentine’s Day dinner date! Pretty simple ah? Oh and by the way, the bill came up to about SGD 98 for both of us.

Was it worth it?
– Well, I think so(:

Will I be back?
– Duh, that spaghetti Bolognese..

Cacio E Pepe
3 Chu Lin Road, Singapore, Singapore 669890
Today 11:30 – 14:30, 18:00 – 22:30

After that, the bf drove me home. And in the car, he opened his presents(: Loved all of them, and finally, it was left with the mystery package as mentioned earlier.


And the bf was like..wth is this shit?

Wth is this shit?
It’s an owl figurine!

HHHAHAHAHA a totally random present that I just bought on a whim. LOL. Oh and if you were wondering what was his present to me? Just the dinner and flowers?

Well..not really!

Had an awesome surprise when I came home that day! A parcel from South Korea(:

Package from South Korea

Yes, that’s his Valentine’s Day gift to me which WE BOTH ordered off Ebay early February. And shipped from Korea! So imagine my surprise when it arrived EXACTLY on Valentine’s Day! I was so so happy!

Can you guess what it is?


It’s MOLANG! My new OBSESSION other than Rilakkuma!(:

My Molangs


If you were wondering, what exactly is Molang..well, I will be doing up an ENTIRE blog post dedicated to Molang sometime in the future, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I really had a great Valentine’s Day with the bf(: Dinner was so much better at Cacio E Pepe compared to Pasta Inc last year which was HORRIBLE!

And I love my Molangs
And my roses, thank you hun!(:

And my roses (Taken after 3 days so it’s dying! HAHAH)

Lastly, I hope you also had a GREAT Valentine’s Day as well!(:

And I also hope that you’ve enjoyed this blog post/food review!(:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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