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Chinese New Year 2013 // Huat ah!

Within a blink of an eye, the Chinese New Year is over for the year 2013. But most importantly, the long awaited 4 day holiday (and the only one in this year) is over. I’m sure most of us spent it either at home waiting to receive guests or going out to bai nian right?

For the others who don’t celebrate the Chinese New Year, these 4 days must have been great! Regardless, I hope that you enjoyed the CNY this year – even though it rained alot ;p

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you how I spent my Chinese New Year(: It is as usual Valentine’s Day is already over. Ans it’s going to be long, maybe boring, so I’ll try to let the pictures do most of the talking! But you know me, I like to crap. Alot. Like now.

Lol, okay okay, I’m starting!

Day 1 Saturday

It started with a reunion lunch(: Generally, most families have reunion dinners on cu xi, but my mom’s appetite isn’t so good, so we made do with lunch instead. And we didn’t go out either as I know my mom would have preferred this especially because nowadays we rarely get to eat together.

Our reunion lunch feast for two(:
Tomato Prawns(:
Baby abalone and mushrooms
Roast Duck
Roast duck again!
My mom(:
As usual, I had one drumstick to myself!
It is bloody huge!
And baby abalone. Generally I only get to eat this once a year >_<

And then, I spent the rest of the day lazing around and pigging out. Hehe

Day 2 Sunday

On the second day, my relatives were due to come over to my house to bai nian as my mom is one of the eldest in the family. So my mom cooked rice and leftover duck from yesterday for my lunch first.

Leftover duck and rice

And as always, every year she will prepare to buy loads of lovely finger food for our guests.

siew gok and other stuff
Char Siew Paus
Sweets, chocolates and mini snacks for the guests!
New Year goodies
Pineapple golf tarts from Le Cafe Confectionary
Homemade almond jelly by my mom

And meanwhile, let’s take a look at my home! Totally tidy and painstakingly cleaned up for CNY by my mom(:

Mom watching her zodiac sign on tv
Our living room
Guest toilet

And uh, the messy rooms belong to me. LOL

My tiny bedroom XP
Le study room. LOL Super messy with all the wires

And so, the guests arrive.

Just opened the gate for them. See the large number of ppl there?
One of my cousins and his mom

And lol, was too busy entertaining them to take any other photos. Tired out by the end of the day, but I guess worth it for theses babies XD

Red Packets WHOO!
Totally worth it!

And to my mom, thank you for all your effort! See how tired she is after everything? Makes me feel a little bad to post such an unglam photo of her, but she really was so tired.

sorry mom ;x

Day 3 Monday

For this day, I went with the bf to his relative’s house to bai nian. Had huge fun, but was a pity that it had to end earlier as the rest of his family were flying off to Korea at night.

OOTD from Forever21

And at his relative’s house

The cute Yi Fei
Fine, let you have cola!
The bf and I(:
Steamboat for lunch with his family

And finally, what we all look forward to during CNY when it’s HAHA! Gambling!!! Usually we play Blackjack/21 but for this year, we had our hand at Poker!

$20 to play!

And yeah, it was my first time playing. HORRIBLE at it. LOL I just followed what everyone did.

But surprisingly, I won abit! Blue chips are $5 each, Red chips are $1 each and White chips are $0.20 each. Generally we start off with $0.20 to $0.40(:

Kekeke, but yet I won

It’s a high-risk game. When you lose, you lose alot, but when you win, you win loads! In fact, almost everyone (about 10+ people) at the table won. The bf’s brother lost $60 though. Keke, and for us..

After cashing in the chips, we had $114 in total! Not bad considering that we spent $60. Yay for profit!(:

Cashing in our chips!

And before we left, the bf was playing with Yi Fei.

Random photo of the bf and his small cousin

After that, we headed to one of his cousin’s house to slack and have dinner. So the guys went to play Resident Evil 6. And what was I doing?

Reading a book – Singapore Love Story by Low Kay Hwa. And yes, I finished it within an hour or so. A good read

Yi Cheng and the bf playing their Resident Evil 6
Random photo of Yi Cheng’s dog
Dinner over at Yi Cheng’s house with the bf’s family(:

And finally, just comparing red packets at the end of the day(:

My loot for the day
The bf’s loot!

Day 4 Tuesday

Day 4 was spent like any other day. But I won’t elaborate much as I will do up a separate post. Suffice to say, I cooked 2 dishes for the bf. HAHAHHA XD


And well, that is IT for my Chinese New Year this year in 2013! I hope you’ve enjoyed the read and I also hoped YOU had an enjoyable CNY too(:

As always, thanks for reading!

My Valentine’s Day post should be coming up sometime soon!(:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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