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Singapore Pools $5m Reunion Draw and the $10m Hong Bao Draw // HUAT AH HUAT AH!!

Basically the CNY spirt started off in my office first! I think we were the only department that did our own decorations! Okay, maybe there are others but whatever ;p

Our pair of cute snakes at the door!

So yeah, just in case you’re not Chinese, you may wonder what’s with the snakes. Well, basically this is the year of the snake! Next year will be my year – the year of the Horse(:

Auspicious sayings!

And on my work desk…

Two big juicy Mandarin oranges from a lecturer to Molang

And if you didn’t know, the Singapore Pools are holding two CNY Toto major draws this years – a 5m Reunion Draw and 10m Hong Bao draw respectively on 2 different draw dates.

Singapore Pools Toto Draw 2013

So our office went to get one lucky $10 red packet as a department to share for the 1st 5m Reunion draw on the 8th of February 2013. Oh and it was pretty crowded to get the red packet at the Singapore Pools. Especially on the last day. Hehe , this is because sales of all tickets close only at 9pm, half an hour before the draw commerces.

All wanna try their luck!

Some of my colleagues got another one for ourselves each as well. I even got one for my mom and of course, for myself!


The bf got one for his mom and himself too.
Oh..and just in case you were wondering what’s inside, basically here you go:


You get:

  • 1 big sweep ticket for either the Feb or March draw (depending on when you buy)
  • 2 boards of QuickPick System 7 numbers.

All these for just $10(:

If you’re really a BIG spender, you might try getting the other $228 option!

luhs. $228 pack!

After that, we prayed alot. Especially me to my kawaii Molang(:

Molang, grant me thy winning ticket pls? Here are 2 oranges for you!

Gahhh and Molang looked SO adorable, so I had to snap a few more photos!

Kawaii neh?

And I promised Molang that if he granted me my wish, I would buy more Molangs!

Literally prayed!

And on the 8th of February, everyone was just waiting for the results to be announced.

Hurhur, selca while waiting!

And now…the moment of truth!

After keying in all the numbers…

Nope. Nothing. Not even a $20 win T__T
Well, I’m not giving up! There’s going to be another draw next Friday for the $10m Hong Bao Draw.

Are you going to try your luck? ;p

Oh and my next post will most likely be the follow up to this post – of how I spent my CNY, so stay tuned if you’d like!(:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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