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Photographer Sex Scandal With 15 Year Old Girl // Or Not?

If you’ve been following STOMP closely, you would have seen this trending story:
Why girls shouldn’t do solo photoshoots: Photographer had sex with 15-year-old

The 15 year old girl/model who allegedly had sex with the photographer

A STOMPer says information surrounding a 15-year-old model who was pressured into sex with a 30-year-old photographer has been making the rounds on social media.

The pictures and SMSes relate the story of a girl who had attended a fashion photoshoot alone with a photographer.

Credits: STOMP

During the shoot however, the photographer started touching her inappropriately, in order to ‘get the expression he wanted’. Afterwards, the photographer had sex with her, and he continued to send her ‘cheeky’ messages for a time afterward.

As taken from STOMP

According to the girl, the photographer had also promised to send her 20 photographs taken during the shoot, but she had received less than five pictures instead.


Naturally, there was a huge backlash when this was posted up on STOMP. Mostly negative comments from guys – well you know THAT kind of comments. And social media can be a little scary because within a couple of days (or hours?), people were starting to share her personal Facebook account in the forums. Sometimes I wonder..how on earth do they do that?

But on an honest note, for this case, I wasn’t really surprised that this happened because nowadays, there are so many girls who want to be models. And the younger and naive ones get taken advantage of by ‘professional photographers’ who are trying to ‘help’ them build up their model portfolio’.

And there are so many photographers on Modelmayhem who post on chio (pretty) models profiles asking them to do nude/lingerie shoots and such. Not forgetting to mention, the many ads on GumTree from these wannabe models who put up their contact information. Easy prey I would say.

Ah and the reason why I started on this topic is because actually, I was recently on the look out for a blogshop model and then, I started scouring the Internet for the perfect person who I felt suited my shop best. Oh and I found my model already(: Next, to get the apparels. LOL! I started my search abit too early – well that’s because I never expected to find my perfect one so early!

Anyway recently, a new twist has emerged. Apparently the STOMPer who posted this had his facts all wrong!

Girl, 15, says she’s the scapegoat for model who slept with photographer

The 15-year-old girl at the centre of a sex scandal involving a photographer has claimed that she has never met him, and that she is being used as a cover for another model who had actually had sex with the photographer. In other words, she is claiming to be the scapegoat.

So I was like..huh, seriously?

Ya seriously?

But apparently it’s kinda true!

According to a report in The New Paper, a male friend had provided her with the photographer’s contact number, and they had a WhatsApp exchange about a photoshoot last October.

The photographer had proposed that she should ‘DIY’ (“do it yourself”) in order to achieve a particular expression he wanted for the photoshoot, which she took to mean masturbation. This is despite her making it clear that she was just 15 at the time.

She had apparently been so unnerved by his suggestion that she had chosen not to reply to his messages after that, and did not appear for a photoshoot at his home scheduled for October.

The photographer has since admitted to having had consensual sex with an 18-year-old model.

Credits: STOMP

Lucky for her that her name is cleared. UNFORTUNATELY, the previous article is already deeply ingrained and is too late to salvage the situation at the moment. I’m seeing alot of unpleasant names being called even after the latter article was published. Hopefully, it will be forgotten in the near future.

Regardless, may this incident serve as a warning to the girls out there who want to be models. Just be careful when posting your contact information out there and mention that you don’t accept nude, lingerie and any form of you know.. Well, unless you’re willing, but then I don’t think that’s a model anymore right?

Also, if you feel suspicious about the job or shoot esp if it’s swimsuit, lingerie themed, then get someone along – your bf, gf, friend or someone to make sure that nothing happens.Because..basically, you never know what’s going to happen right? Yeah, and just because a friend referred the photographer, you honestly won’t know.

But of course, I’m not saying that all photographers are looking for a..hankypanky. Most of them really are passionate about shooting models and are operating strictly on a professional basis!(:

Well, better to be safe than sorry

Till later,
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