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Woman Falls into Gap in Escalator at Tanah Merah MRT Station // Appeal for Witnesses

This made the headlines of The New Paper today.

Miss Azlin Amran, 28 falls into gap in escalator

Miss Azlin Amran, 28 was just at Tanah Merah MRT station on her way to meet her friend at Paya Lebar when she stepped into the gap on the escalator steps at about 6pm last Monday and fell in. 

The gap at the escalator

As a result, she had many injuries including a punctured lung, a fractured pelvis and spine injuries. Her mother is hoping for a miracle that she can walk again. 

The details of her rescue is as seen from this picture depiction:

Detailed accounting of the rescue

What begs the question is – HOW did this happen?!

Two conflicting stories arise:
SMRT: A barrier was put up at the entrance of the escalator that was being serviced. “However, a few passengers including Miss Azlin Amran managed to get onto it. As a result, she got hurt when she stepped into the gap”.

Miss Azlin Amran: There was no barrier warning her that the escalator was being serviced so she walked and fell into the pit. Then she felt a bit of movement when she was inside and felt something crushing her ribs and pelvis area.

As we all know, generally when the escalator is being repaired, a big yellow barrier will be there to block the entrance like this and it is almost impossible to miss it!

This was AFTER the accident, you can see the big yellow barriers erected

So yeah…I HIGHLY doubt that anyone would have walked past the barrier UNLESS there wasn’t one in the first place due to negligence. 

But we don’t know that. These are just our suspicions, hence please spread this around:

Madam Azizah, the mother of Miss Azlin is currently appealing for witnesses to come forward to tell her exactly what happened at Tanah Merah MRT station last Monday at 6pm.

On the other, do keep Miss Azlin in our prayers that she may recover and walk again. Currently the doctor says that she MIGHT end up paralyzed, but at the moment, her nerves did not ‘snap’ so there is still a chance that she will recover.

Let’s hope the truth will be revealed soon.

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