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VIDEO: Whose fault is it? (1 February 2013) // What’s with all the accidents recently?

Recently there are SO many cases of accidents happening in Singapore. Not really a good start for Chinese New Year huh?

On Monday, there was the fatal accident involving the 2 boys at Tampines. Then, on Thursday, apparently there was an Indian motorist who was trapped under the tyre of a 14 footer truck at Tuas. Read the report on STOMP HERE.

After that, on Friday morning, 1 February 2013, there was the KJE accident where two public buses collided which left 8 people injured and incurred a MASSIVE traffic jam. Read the full report on ChannelNewsAsia.com HERE.

Two private buses accident

Separately, a driver was sent to hospital after he was involved in an accident along the Pan-Island Expressway near the Eng Neo exit in the direction of Changi Airport as mentioned from the report from ChannelNewsAsia.com.

In the wee hours of the morning on 1 February 2013 as well, there was an accident between a taxi and car as seen from STOMP.

Credits: STOMP

In another incident, this lorry was on fire at the Keppel Flyover at about 1pm also as seen from STOMP.

Credits: STOMP

And then just now, I just stumbled onto a Facebook post featuring YET ANOTHER accident that happened on 1 February 2013 which was filmed by a 3rd party car camera. That’s 4 accidents (not incl the lorry on fire) already, and I think there are a couple of unreported ones maybe?

As usual, WordPress doesn’t allow me to embed Facebook videos, so I uploaded it to Youtube and cropped it to show the accident happening.

Watch this 14 second video of the accident here:

Original FULL video from BlackVue Facebook Page

According to the caption from the original video poster, they asked: Whose fault is it?

The bf and I discussed the question and we felt that the fault lies with BOTH the car driver and the motorist.
And why we say that is because:

Why we feel that it’s the car driver’s fault
The car driver DIDN’T signal and swerved into the next lane without warning. But you must remember that the motorist drove too fast and so the car driver most likely didn’t have the time to check. Still..what’s with that sudden swerve?

Why we feel that it’s the motorist’s fault
He rode WAYYY too fast, (was speeding!) didn’t give enough time for the car driver to check and was weaving in between the lanes. Worst of all, he didn’t practice defensive riding

Do you agree? Or maybe your opinion differs from ours.
We all entitled to our opinions(:

But regardless, thank God the motorist is not seriously injured as seen from the video. This motorist was extremely lucky to have survived pretty much unscathed, but what about all the other fatal accidents that have happened so far such as the recent Tampines accidentAccidents are horrible, especially when they turn fatal.

So please, I just hope that all drivers – car/motorist/lorry/whatever will just drive safely, take the necessary precautions and follow all the road rules.

Most important, as mentioned, please drive safely!

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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