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Food Review: Domino’s Double Value Deal // Blogger Event

I don’t find myself the most social person, so generally I tend to skip events where I have to meet new people – especially when alone. However, I finally bucked up my courage and decided to attend my first ever blogger event after receiving the invitation on Monday from

It was an invitation for a pizza sampling session over at Domino’s and here’s my take about the whole event, and the food of course(:

Was pretty apprehensive and nervous on my way there as I wasn’t sure what to expect at all.

Making my way to Domino’s over at Kovan. Can you spot the Domino’s Sign?

And so, I finally got my first peek at the other invited bloggers, all which I didn’t recognize of course. Hehe.

The other bloggers
Press kit

After getting to know a couple of bloggers seated beside me, the event kick started off with the Marketing Manager of Domino’s Pizza SG & MY, Linda Hassan giving a brief overview of the following:

  1. Domino’s Double Value Deal

So basically, for this period from 25th January to 3rd March 2013, Domino’s launched this Double Value promotional deal where you can get TWO regular pizzas for just $22! That’s freaking cheap isn’t it?!

Double Value Deal

The choices however, are limited to 3 pizzas, namely – their 2 top seller pizzas, Classic Pepperoni and Hawaiian Paradise. For vegans, they also have a choice of Simply Cheese(:

Here’s a clearer photo

Best of all, you get an EXTRA 50% toppings on the pizzas for FREE! Oh and do you know? All their prices at NETT and includes FREE delivery! And, if you think 2 regular pizzas are not enough, you can opt for the LARGE pizzas. They are 2 for $36!(:

Double Value Deal & Add Ons

Other add ons are also available(:

Add on deals

Despite the cheap pricing, rest assure that Domino’s will maintain it’s quality level. You don’t get thinner crusts or lesser toppings! Serious!(: This is a really great deal I would say!

  2. Gourmet Lunch Deal

Domino’s also just launched their gourmet lunch deals featuring their flatbreads at affordable prices – starting from $6.80 which includes 1 flatbread and 1 soft drink.

**Note: This special lunch deal is a dine-in option only**

Gourmet Lunch Deals

Looks pretty awesome – but I haven’t tried it myself though! There are 6 different choices to choose from!(:

6 different flatbreads available!

  3. Domino’s iPhone App Demo & GPS Tracker

If you didn’t know, you can place a order with Domino’s through their iPhone app found in the App Store. Of course, the other alternative is via calling or making an online order. Being an Android user, I prefer the latter.

Linda Hassan showing us a demo of the ordering process on the iPhone app

The most interesting thing about Domino’s is their Great Pizza Service Tracker, also known as GPS tracker for online ordering.

When you place an order, you can track the status of your pizza’s order online!

So you can tell where your pizza is at! According to Linda, ordering can take as fast as 2 minutes (or less) and on average (provided there are no mass orders), it takes about 12 minutes for the pizza to be completed. This is because all the pizzas are made ONLY when ordered so you can guarantee it’s freshness.

And do you know? Domino’s has a 30 minute delivery guarantee / 15 minute takeout guarantee? Of course, there are times when they are unable to meet it, so if they don’t meet their guarantee  you get a free personal pizza!

This means that your order is completed!

So Linda made a order using the iPhone app, and we tracked the order of the pizza.

Order completed!

Within about 13 minutes, our pizzas were delivered fresh from the oven!(:
Impressive huh?

Delivery is here!

With the food here, it’s photo taking/makan (eating) time!

Typical blogger behavior – snapping photos
Moving around snapping photos
Look at the feast!

So let’s have the photos do the work of the food review shall we?

The pizzas
Hawaiian Paradise (Thin Crust)
Hawaiian Paradise (Classic hand tossed)
Chilli Chicken (Thin Crust)
Chicken Alfredo (Hand tossed)
Beef Pepperoni
Simply Cheese
Linda and the LARGEST pizza size they have!
Crazy Chicken Crunchies
Garlic Cheese Onion Rings
Twisty Bread
Golden Roasted Drumlets

My fave pizza of all – Classic Pepperoni (Thin Crust)

Beef Pepperoni

Only 1 word to describe all that I’ve eaten at Domino’s!

WOW!(: (It’s good!)

We ended off this feast with dessert where we had a choice of caramel sticky dessert and their much hyped after – chocolate lava cake!

Caramel Sticky Dessert

I selected the Chocolate Lava Cake btw(:

Chocolate Lava Cake
Check out the chocolate ‘lava’!

On the whole, I found myself enjoying this blogger event! I had great yummy food at Domino’s, made new blogger friends and overall, I enjoyed this experience! Will definitely recommend everyone to eat at Domino’s and of course, I will definitely take a step to attend more such events!(:

Ending off with the group shots of all the bloggers who attended this event!(:

Can you spot me? XD

And I did mention I made friends right? These are the awesome group that I was hanging out with throughout the event!(:

My new blogger friends(:

Lastly, once again, I would like to thank for this invitation and Domino’s Pizza for hosting this event!(:

Me at Blogger Event (Domino’s Double Value Deal)

Domino’s Pizza


Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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