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Workplace Can Be Fun Too! // Play Hard, Work Hard!

So if you didn’t know, I’m currently a full time working adult / part time blogger / part time business owner of an online store, GlamPuss.

Realized I haven’t shared much about my worklife on my blog so decided to do a blog post on it. And yes, this is despite the fact that I have like loads of other overdue posts, but hehe.

First up, some pictures of my office workstation – the BEFORE photos.

My work station when I first entered office ((BEFORE))
Super awesome neat stationary all nicely laid out ((BEFORE))

Trust me, now it’s totally MESSED UP! HAHAH! I’m a naturally messy person by nature. Hehe

My kuma kun cup!
Post It notes to motivate me at work!

And my latest addition to my work station!(:

Introducing..MOLANG!(: // Will be talking about it soon and sharing the pattern tutorial on how to make it(:

Meanwhile, just sharing some other fun times and random stuff.

Welcome lunch(:
Department D&D
Occasional KFC meals such as during Christmas
Christmas gifts exchange from colleagues

And more recently..

One of my colleagues brought back some thumbdrives for us as a souvenir.

The row of thumbdrives!

And some of us ended up playing with them. LOL

Dissembling the thumbdrives
Loving my kuma kun thumbdrive! But not sure why he’s wearing a dress!

And even more recently, one of my colleagues’s cute son popped by during lunch break.

Cute huh?
He loves the camera!

So who says work is all work and no play? We work hard, but play hard too!(:

And of course, all these photos are just SOME of the fun times together. The others are just firmly ingrained in my memory for the years to come!

I feel that I belong here and I’m looking forward for more times like these(:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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