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Expedia – Online Travel Agency // Rant!

ROAR! Remember my post a couple of days back? Or was it last week about how I’m going to strive to LIVE my life like there is no tomorrow, with no regrets and the way I want it to be?

You can read the full blog post HERE

So just to recap, one of my 2013 resolution is to go on another overseas trip! And at first, I thought it would be to somewhere REALLY REALLY nearby – like to Genting with a couple of my friends or just a bf. Then, I’ve decided that GlamPuss is ready to branch into apparels!(:

So I set my mind to go to Thailand to source for clothes! And also, to do some major shopping!

The first person I asked was my bestie, Crystal. And she said yes! After many many days of constant emails to each other, other communication, and checking of ticket prices, dates, etc, we finally decided on the dates, hotel and where to book.

3D2N Thailand Trip

  • Dates of Travel: 1-3 March 2013

Why? It’s somewhere after CNY and we’ve stocked up on our red packets! Plus it’s JUST before the March Holidays. Oh and we’re only going for 3D2N BECAUSE Crystal can’t take too many days of leave 🙁 She just came back from her awesome trip to Korea and will be going to Europe really soon too! Lucky girl~

  • Selected Hotel: Grand Diamond Suites

For 1 and only reason – LOCATION. LOCATION. LOCATION. It’s just next to Platinum Fashion Mall and it’s the cheapest compared to Amari Watergate and Novotel which is also in the vicinity.

And initially, I based my pricing of the trip on Expedia as it SEEMED to have the most affordable rates. So last night, I went to finally book it.


And initially, seriously, I was pretty pretty happy with the price! See! There’s still a $60 discount!



Yeah But after I happily filled up the details and went to the payment page, yeah. I saw this surcharge by AirAsia. NOT SURE if this is applicable to ONLY AirAsia flights, but yeah, that surcharge sucks!


So yeah, after adding that in, the trip was EVEN more EXPENSIVE! Now it’s at $416.86 per pax! And for our case, as we had 4 people, it was $65~ / 4, so imagine if you were traveling alone, or with just 1 person. That’s like $65/2! Major difference!

Just so happened, I was thinking, well, why not check out AirAsia directly to see if they have any packages. And apparently they have their own AirAsia online travel agency called AirAsiaGo. So I checked out the prices there instead.

With the exact same flight timing and hotel, this was the price:


Yeah, it was just about $2 cheaper than Expedia, but I wasn’t really happy with the ‘hidden’ surcharge at Expedia, so I decided to go along with instead.

And it was the BEST CHOICE that I made!(: You know why?!


Yes! We managed to SNAG a BETTER DEAL!
Expedia: $416.86 per pax
AirAsiaGo: $395.81 per pax

**Do note that the same trip as ours for this price is no longer available.**
I think we snagged the last deal. It’s now $414 per pax on AirAsiaGo(:



Time to plan that tentative itinerary and save the MOOLAH!

As if you can’t tell

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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2 Comments on “Expedia – Online Travel Agency // Rant!

  1. NEVER EVER BOOK WITH EXPEDIA.COM.SG. You’ll just be taken for a Ride

    Cheats called EXPEDIA.COM.SG is the only thing that comes to my mind. I had made a car rental booking through their website, alongwith an option for excess insurance. While the amount of 39.6 SGD was deducted from my credit card on behalf on Allianz and I got an insurance policy, the car rental never got through. Later on, the car rental company was jacking up the rates saying only that option is available, while EXPEDIA website was still reflecting the older rates.

    On top of that EXPEDIA rep Jyoti, was not ready to accept what a customer is saying and asking to call the insurance company to get the policy cancelled. Why should the customer call an insurance company when the booking is done on EXPEDIA. He was also saying that the rates are being jacked up by the car rental company and not by us and you can try to book again.

    I never had such a bad experience as I had with Expedia.Com.SG.

    Regretting the time I thought that is a world class travel provider company.

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