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Botejyu San (Tokyo Walker) Plaza Singapura // Food Review

Hello all! It’s been awhile since I posted a food review yeah? And trust me, I have so many more to come. Long overdue. I swear, if I had a dollar for every post I said overdue, I will have AT LEAST $30 by now!

Okay, the bf and I actually went to this restaurant wayyy back in December last year but surprisingly, I still can remember my food experiences from back then. Then again, I do have pictures to remind me ;p


Anyway, here’s introducing you…

Botejyu San // A Food Review by mitsueki

Botejyu was founded in 1946 in the gourmet city of Tamade, Osaka. Since then, our restaurant name has been protected as a registered trademark for over 60 years.The name “Botejyu” is derived from the rhythmic cooking sound of okonomiyaki. The first part of the name, “bote” comes from the flipping sound of an okonomiyaki being turned over with a metal spatula. The second part of the name, “jyu” represents the sound of the okonomiyaki sizzling on the teppan grill. We, at Botejyu, still value this “delicious sound” as we continue to prepare each and every okonomiyaki with passion.

So yeah, and as you can tell from the description, they are a Japanese restaurant that specializes in okonomiyaki!

And in case you were wondering, what IS okonomiyaki?

Well, basically it’s a Japanese savoury pancake/pizza containing a variety of ingredients. The ingredients and cooking styles varies from different Japanese regions/restaurants of course.

This is Botejyu San’s okonomiyaki

Alright and now onwards to the food review! But first, some pictures of the entrance of Botejyu San at Tokyo Walker (Plaza Singapura Level 4). Generally there isn’t much of a queue there (compared to other restaurants) so if you’re looking for a place to have dinner with less waiting, you can try it out there.

Oh and I have to mention that it’s rather hidden at the back of Tokyo Walker with the more popular Ajisen Ramen and Kazokutei at the front.

Attractive displays of food
Most people are generally fascinated with watching the chefs whip up the food

We were seated in the restaurant really quickly.

And you can see the Christmas tree from behind
The lovely Christmas tree

Have to say, the restaurant is really small, with limited tables as you can see. Very homely and comfy though(:

Pretty empty at that point of time
Random photo of the bf

And now, onwards to the menu(:

Menu Cover

So yeah, they had this special selection of Modanyaki – a combination of Okonomiyaki and my favourite yakisoba!


And the other menu items as taken from their website:

Garlic Rice
Hot Plate Set
Hot Plate – Continued
Ala Carte
Drinks Menu

Above images taken from:

And as part of Tokyo Walker, this particular Botejyu San also offers awesome desserts:


And after much deliberation, we finally settled on our food!(: Oh and while waiting for the food to arrive, we did some camwhoring X)

Another camwhore photo ;x
The bf is so hungry that he wants to eat me!
That psychotic face – BF’s CAMWHORE SHOT!

Food arrived really promptly within minutes. And this is what we ordered:
(Sorry! No long descriptions this time, I decided to just show all the food pictures for your viewing pleasure)

For the bf, he had the Stamina Beef Rice Hot Plate (+$1 for Garlic Rice).

Stamina Beef Rice Hot Plate (+$1 for Garlic Rice) // SGD 13.90
Comes with a bowl of miso soup
Generous serving!(:
The bf and his food X)
Garlic rice is AWESOME!(:
One scoop coming up!

For myself, I decided to try the Tomato Chicken and Cheese Modanyaki!

Tomato Chicken and Cheese Modanyaki // SGD 9.90
Comes with a spatula!
With Yakisoba inside!
Here’s a scoop!

Then the bf and I ordered a Pork Okos to share(:

Pork Okos // SGD 9.90
Basically veggies and flour
The inside
We couldn’t finish this portion! TOO.MUCH.FOOD

Oh and for drinks, we shared a Blue Coral Soda

Blue Coral Soda // SGD 3.90

And at the end of it all (or so we thought):


And then we remembered, we still had DESSERT of Chocolate BananaTart! While waiting for dessert to be served, the bf borrowed my camera to camwhore. Seriously.

The bf tard pic 1
The bf’s tard pic 2
The bf’s tard pic 3

LOL! Anyway, here’s some droolworthy dessert photos! It’s our favourite and it’s SUPER GOOD!(:

Chocolate Banana Tart // SGD 5.80
Bf wanted to eat, but I was like NO! PICTURES FIRST!
And finally, WE EAT!
Sinful goodness!! Many layers of banana, cream, cake, chocolate and tart!

And at the end of it, we were just playing around with the chocolate

The bf is called Wx fyi(:
His love message. Lol

And we finally come to the end of it all! Here’s how much the bf paid for our meal in total. I think it’s pretty affordable considering that we had a 3 person portion – including dessert.

Total bill! Pretty affordable for the amount of food we ate!

Would I be back?

Most likely. This actually isn’t my first visit to Botejyu San actually. Probably about the 3rd or 4th? Can’t get enough of the Chocolate Banana Tart, although I can totally do a takeaway at any of the Tokyo Outlets. Yes – no matter which restaurant at Tokyo Walker you eat at, you can have the Fruit Paradise dessert selection. Exclusively at Tokyo Walker(:

Name Card

Would I recommend Botejyu San to you all?

Yes I would! The food is affordable and pretty decent. Totally recommend the garlic rice though, as it is seriously good! And of course, the dessert. Those are the standout pieces in my opinion. Meanwhile, I’m not so much of an okonomiyaki fan so I don’t have much to say about it. Hurhurhur. You should try it though, maybe you’ll like it(:

Lastly, to end off. If you’re really interested in making your own okonomiyaki, well, The New Paper actually did run their recipe and some step by step instructions on making them. Except that it’s in Chinese. Here is it for your reference:

Botejyu San Okonomiyaki Recipe

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this food photo review! Hope it didn’t make you drool too much. Hehe!

Botejyu San
260 Orchard Road
Plaza Singapura #04-01
Singapore 238839

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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