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Beware! Have you Seen this Thai Girl?

Facebook is a great place where you can find out loads of stuff. And recently, a couple of my friends were sharing this particular post by this guy (Tanavan Takeshiru) who is looking for this Thai girl who allegedly took off with a loan of SGD 50,000!

That’s alot of SGD 1,000 notes sia!

According to the guy (presumably the guy in the picture next to her), he says:

Anyone know where this gal is? If you know where she is, please let me know. She had loan SGD$50,000 from me between Nov 2012 to Jan 2013 as she said she need to repair her burned house and her brother hospital bills. But now, she refuse to return the SGD$50,000.

She even make fake police reports that money was stolen in a cab, fake lawyers to bail her out of the police station, fake Thai Bank staff asking for 80000 baht so that they can release her frozen account & fake Western Union Staff to ask for more money from me so that she can transfer the loan back to me.

Anyone who read this, kindly spread the words so that if I cannot get back my SGD$50,000, others will not fall for her lies like me.

Original Image/Author: Click HERE

That Thai girl

So if you have a Thai girlfriend now, kindly take a look at this picture to see if this is her. Who knows, she might too, claim that her house burnt down and take off with your money.


Tsk tsk.
So, to the guys – beware

Don’t get cheated too! 

Till later,
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