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VIDEO: Lorry Tailgates and Then Bangs into Motorcyclist // Road Bully Incident 18th January 2013

I saw this video of a lorry tailgating before banging into a motorcyclist is being spread around Facebook and seriously, I am really shocked at the lorry driver’s behavior.

I can’t share Facebook videos on my blog for some reason so I uploaded the clip up to Facebook for easier viewing. Also I took the liberty to cut the clip shorter from the longer original 3 minute video to show the accident happening.

So if you haven’t watched the video yet on Facebook, here it is with the Facebook comments from the original user who uploaded the video.

(Original video clip was taken on 18012013, Friday afternoon)

Dear Netizen, you be the judge. I am showing the tyrannical act of this road bully who nearly kill a motorist. The accident took place on Friday- 18012013 afternoon on PIE – Eng Neo to Steven Road.

The first part of the video clip shows the road bully tailgating hazardously behind this motorist putting HER into a very helpless situation. Look at the safety distance between my vehicle and the road bully and compare how this road bully is putting motorists into a hazard.

At the last minute of this video clip, his action says it all of his remorseless and self less attitude- walking to the scene of the accident. Being a stranger to both the road bully and injured motorist, I stayed very neutral and look at this road accident as a mishap where nobody wants it.

While waiting in the scorning afternoon for the ambulance and traffic police to come, I took an umbrella to shade the injured motorist who is still lying on the road. This road bully took over my umbrella and I thought he wanted to redeem his mistake.

Absurd action of this road bully, he took my umbrella to shade himself from the sun! Needless to say, his remorseless action has change my perception of this accident. On site, his statement with the traffic police mention that the motorist has knock into his vehicle. This has really stir up the heat in me to uphold justice and bring the right punishment to this road bully.

Posting on behalf of video owner- Aaron Ng

CREDITS: Original FULL 3 Minute Video and FULL comments from Liew Yew Leong

So basically a summary of what’s happening is that:

  1. This lorry first tailgates the motorcyclist (for 2 full minutes if you watched the original full 3 minute video)
  2. Bangs into him as seen in the above video
  3. Takes the umbrella that the driver (video owner) was using to shield the injured motorist from the sun and uses it to shield HIMSELF
  4. In his statement to the police, he claims that the motorcyclist banged into him first

I say that this video begs to differ.
What a HORRIBLE driver and road bully. He seriously almost killed that poor girl!

The motocyclist – TRAINEE teacher Hazel Ng had two operations and is awaiting a third. She was thrown off her scooter after it was sideswiped by a lorry. Her recuperation means she will not be able to complete courses in time to graduate in May. — ST PHOTO: NEO XIAOBIN

May he be PUNISHED and BANNED from driving forever!

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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