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Part II: That Crazy Tiring Weekend 2 Weeks Ago // Featuring Sarpino’s Pizza and Rilakkuma

And now, onto Part II – Sunday! So as mentioned previously in Part I: That Crazy Tiring Weekend 2 Weeks Ago // Featuring GlamPuss New Arrivals (Sneak Previews), the whole Saturday I basically did my nails and then did stocktaking for the new GlamPuss supplies.

You can read Part I: HERE
Or if you want to skip it, here’s a collage of the new items I’m bringing in. Oh yeah, new stuff such as gorgeous clutches, statement necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories and of course other new jewellery! So excited to launch them 🙂

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GlamPuss New Arrivals (Unlaunched!)

So yeah, continuing on from Part I, on Sunday (the one 2 weeks ago), we basically spent the day eating, watching movies and doing even more stock taking for GlamPuss. That’s because we weren’t able to finish all on Saturday. Yeah, we had LOADS, like..100+ new designs?!

Basically on Sundays, the bf’s family will always order back. One of our favorites will be Domino’s Pizza, BUT we weren’t able to order it back as we couldn’t get through the hotline. So we opted for Sarpino’s Pizza instead.

Decided to go for the 1 for 1 deal that they had.

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 11.05.23 PM
Sarpinos Pizza Buy One Get One Free Pizza

Food took about less than an hour (as promised) to arrive and it came pipping hot!

Food’s here!

And this is what we ordered

All the food from Sarpinos Pizza!

1. Both pizzas Double Pepperoni 10 inch Thin Crust

Sarpinos Pizza Double Pepperoni 10 inch (Thin Crust) // SGD 25
Close up

I found myself loving it surprisingly! It was super cheesy and loaded with loads of pepperoni! Definitely would recommend it.

Thin crust is awesome!

2. Oven Baked Beef Lasagna 

Sarpinos Pizza Beef Lasagna // SGD 9.80
Preparing to watch Pirates!

I’ve always loved the lasagna from Sarpinos Pizza! It’s nicer than Pizza Hut’s in my opinion. Bigger, yummier, cheesier and more generous with the meat filling as you can see!

Lasagna – YUM
Generous ttm?(:

3. Cheesy Bread Stick

Sarpinos Pizza Cheesy Bread Sticks // SGD 6.80

So yeah, also ordered the Cheesy Bread Sticks from Sarpino’s Pizza to try out. Basically just like eating a cut up Cheese Pizza. Not bad(:

Random bf’s photo

And we were watching The Pirates of the Caribbean – bought the full set of DVD!

Pirate of the Carribean

Oh and during the movie, I was making these. Gonna try to turn them into a necklace somehow and launch them at GlamPuss!


And then after the movie, we were back in business of doing the leftover stocktaking from yesterday!(:

Bf keying in the inventory

My job was to open, sort them into collections and do a casual quality check. The bf’s job was to do another quality check, key in the inventory and pack them. Gosh, it was so difficult to sort them into collections! In total now, we have about ermmm.. 15?

Still loads to do~

And yeah, we spent almost 4 hours doing everything and couldn’t finish yesterday as mentioned! On Sunday, we spent about 2 more hours to FINALLY complete? Plus by then, we were seriously worn out!

So we relaxed by just playing with Rilakkuma. Not sure why either – I can’t remember. HAHA!

Big Rilakkuma says HI!
His ‘throne’ in the bf’s room. Yes, he has his VERY own seat ^^
I love my kuma kun!

All right, that’s the end of Part I and Part II of That Crazy Tiring Weekend 2 Weeks Ago! And there’s still LAST WEEKEND and THIS WEEKEND to write about. -.- And a zillion more overdue and NEW food posts.

When can I EVER EVER EVER finish them and, what should I write about?

So just keep following me – cos I’m always updating my blog ;p
Thanks always for reading!

Oh and don’t forget to check out spankin’ new website!(:

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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