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The Epic Cover Letter for a Wall Street Internship

What’s this about? Well, I stumbled upon this article on my Facebook:
Kid Sends Perfectly Blunt Cover Letter for Wall Street Internship, and Now Tons of People Are Trying to Hire Him

And according to the people on Wall Street, they are calling this letter from this student – the best ever cover letter they have ever seen. 

– It shows energy, pluck and honesty

Then I was like…

Well, let’s take a look at the cover letter here to judge:

These were the internal email responses to that letter.

Original Article Credits: HERE

My reaction to this?

Do you agree? 
And wanna bet that Wall Street is going to receive THOUSANDS of applicants sending an email such as the above?
Won’t be surprised if a Singaporean does that too soon. Hehe.

Till later
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