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Sneak Preview of the New GlamPuss // Do you know? Singtel and Singnet was down last night

If you’re a Singtel user – mobile, Internet, etc and you were online at about 1.30am ~ 2.30am like me, then you probably might have realized that your Singtel 3G and SingNet went down for awhile at about 2am.

And I wasn’t the only one facing the issue. Was on Steam chatting with the bf and he told me our friend, Ivan (also a Singnet user) dc-ed during the Dota 2 game and couldn’t connect back either.

And…usually it won’t be too much of an issue. BUT I was halfway doing my last minute edits for my New GlamPuss which will be revealed at about 12 noon today(: Suffice to say, you can tell that GlamPuss has moved to Weebly from our original Wix site. More details on that in a further blog post.

But anyway, LOOK! T_t
I wasn’t able to save my work and I was DON’T.DO.THIS.TO.ME!


Here’s another sneak preview of what’s to launch. Today was supposed to be a jewellery launch date, but honestly, the collection is pretty huge and I couldn’t finish taking all the photographs within the weekends as I was still working on some of the pieces. Suffice to say, there will be almost a 20 piece HANDMADE collection made by yours truly as well as several pieces from my suppliers coming up next week!

Oh and most probably a CNY/Valentines Day giveaway!(;

And anyway, the main point of this (the below picture) is because I just wanted to launch something a little special instead of just having a sale to celebrate the opening of the New GlamPuss!(:

With my cute Rilakkuma USB thumbdrive

Yeah, the reason for the Rilakkuma is because I was trying to save the picture into the thumbdrive as I wasn’t able to upload the pictures due to stupid Singtel.
Thank goodness service resumed about 1/2hour later at about 2.35am? Then I just quickly did what I had to do and OFF TO BED!

Excited to reveal the whole new GlamPuss later!(:
 Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 12.23.17 AM


Stay tuned!(:

Till later
♥ mitsueki

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