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Sex For Grades Trial Continued – The latest twist // Tey Tsun Hang and Darinne Ko

In the series of the latest Sex For Grades Trial that have been happening, the latest updates made me just go LOL.
Read my previous article:

It’s these things that keep this trial so super interesting. I mean, seriously, to me it’s pretty clear cut that basically Darinne Ko just had the hots for her professor, Tey Tsun Hang and tadaa, they probably did it in the spur of the moment. Like twice. And basically, I don’t think she did it for the grades.

But then again, I’m not the right person to judge right?

Anyway, this was splashed on the front page of The New Paper yesterday on 15th January 2013. Ohohoho.
You know what it means when a woman gives you..


Darinne Ko giving Tey Tsun Hang THE HAND

Which is exactly what Darinne Ko did during the trial yesterday. She must be pissed over something or she just wants to distance herself from her former ex-lover. Not exactly sure why, but I’m not surprised! Me thinks her career’s pretty much bludgeoned or she’s just going to be the joy of all the gossipmongers in the office she works in due to this entire case.

Like, if she works in the office, wanna bet that all her colleagues are going to gossip if she slept with the boss to get into his good books?

Anyway, what made me crack up was this:

Tey Tsun Hang, 41, a former National University of Singapore (NUS) law professor. He was charged for allegedly receiving expensive gifts and sexual gratification from a then-NUS final-year law undergraduate, Darinne Ko, 23, in exchange for good grades. — PHOTO: WONG KWAI CHOW

A twist emerged in the sex-for-grades corruption trial on Tuesday morning when the NUS law professor at the centre of it produced a cheque book entry showing a sum of $2,500.

Tey Tsun Hang claims he had given this to former student Darinne Ko in July 2, 2010, and suggested it was payment for the items she had given him and the dinner she had paid for. Ms Ko flatly denied having ever received it.

 The cheque was dated July 2, 2010 but included payment for the dinner on July 8, 2010.

The prosecution said Tey had a “remarkable ability” to predict future events

Read the full article: The Straits Times

And the trial continues today.
I wonder if there will be anymore funny and LOL twists like yesterday!

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One Commnet on “Sex For Grades Trial Continued – The latest twist // Tey Tsun Hang and Darinne Ko

  1. It is clear that Tey Tsun Hang is DESPERATE !!
    A pre-dated cheque ? preparing for future events ?!

    Indeed , Tey is a multi-talented man.
    He was a District Judge and a law professor.
    Now he is also a LECHER , a Fortune-Teller and also a Fine Comedian !

    So DESPERATE is he that he even tried to say that these charges were politically-linked !
    HOW can that be ???

    His writings and publications on Singapore’s legal system started in 2000.
    He was appointed as a District Judge in 2002 !
    So how would these charges got to do with political motivations ??
    If these were , then why was he still made a DJ in 2002 ??

    He is just Plain DESPERATE now !!
    Trying very hard to protray as a Pitiful Victim of Political Motivations !

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