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Yomenya Goemon Citylink Mall Food Review // Girls Night Out

Like woah, it’s seriously been quite awhile since I last posted a food review yeah? Well not to worry, here is an EXTREMELY overdue post since last year – actually last month or was it November 2012?

Basically, last month, I met up with two of my secondary school buddiesSarah and Crystal for a dinner date (without the bf). I always look forward to such dates with them to catch up and just to have fun together, albeit with a shorter time frame as Crystal and I are working adults , while Sarah’s still studying in University.

And one of the main reasons to meet Sarah is because I wanted to pass her a pair of GlamPuss x Love For Fabric Clip On earrings that she bought from GlamPuss. You can see how it looks on her(:

Super happy with her clip on earrings!
Being my model lol~

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Sorry to bore you with these details but luhs, you know me, I’m full of crap. Anyway, generally we tend to meet up at City Hall area as it is the most central location for most of us. We’ve met about a couple of times previously, but that was before I started blogging, so I’m just going to cover this particular dinner date.

Yomenya Goemon

There’s loads of eating places around the City Hall area, and so we were kind of spoiled for choice. But in the end, we decided to try out eating at Yomenya Goemon over at Citylink Mall.

Cos I’m too lazy to write:

Yomenya Goemon // About Us

What caught my attention the most is it’s tagline – Slurping Spaghetti with Chopsticks!

Indeed, it sounds like an interesting concept no? Cos generally we tend to eat pasta with our forks and spoons instead of chopsticks. Well, except for some people of course!

Yomenya Goemon
Snippets of information about Yomenya Goemon around the restaurant

So let’s have a look at the menu first! Basically the menu is just made up of all the different types of spaghetti as you can see in the menu.


The variety ranges from Japanese taste, to Western style, to meat sauce and cream sauce type of pastas.

Different types of pastas available

You’ll be totally spoiled for choice and definitely can find at least ONE type of pasta that suits your taste buds.

More pastas

They also have 2 types of set meals. The normal set meals and the half half set. The latter is if you’re interested to try more than 1 pasta dish at a go. Unfortunately, the choice of pasta is only limited to the ones as mentioned.

Yomenya Goemon Set Meals

They also have special recommendations. I guess it’s seasonal or changes frequently.

Recommendations – sorry a lil blur

A Kid’s Set tucked away at the drinks menu. Also, as you can see, the drinks menu is pretty basic but they do have Japanese beer! Oh and they also have dessert, but it’s really limited with only 3 choices to choose from.

Drinks, Dessert and Kid’s Set

To see clearer photos of each individual dish, do refer HERE for their online menu!
**NOTE: Their prices are DIFFERENT from the ones we paid**

Random shots of diners

So after placing our orders, we just sat around, slacked and chatted. Oh and while I took photos of the surroundings!

You can opt to sit at the counter as well(:
Table setup – no forks!
The lovely Sarah again
Crystal and I
Group shot with Crystal’s crazy long hands

And now, the moment that you’ve been waiting for. Hurhur – Yes! It’s the food! Oh and by the way, that reminds me. The waiting time was HORRIBLE for us. I swear we almost waited for half an hour for our food to arrive.

*shows black face*

Anyway, let’s not dwell on that, and move on to the food and here’s what we ordered:
1. Crystal – Regular Set with Carbonara Meat Sauce with Onsen Egg // SGD 19.50. 

Each regular set comes with a bowl of salad (I don’t like it), a bowl of miso soup, a glass of soft drink and any choice of pasta, which she selected the carbonara meat sauce with onsen sgg.

Her set comes with this salad. Not my thing though
And Miso Soup
This whole set costs SGD 19.50

2. Me – Carbonara Meat Sauce with Onsen Egg  // SGD 13.50. 

Basically of all the choices there, I felt that the Carbonara Meat Sauce with Onsen Egg looked really good as well, so I also selected it. Plus it’s remotely different compared to other carbonaras, which is usually 100% cream based but this is meat based with cream. 

Carbonara Meat Sauce with Onsen Egg (Ala-Carte) // SGD 13.50

The verdict?
I like it! The onsen egg was perfectly done and I love it when the egg yolk flows out into my yummy carbonara which isn’t too heavy. However, it can’t compare to the one at Hoshino Coffee though(:

3. Sarah – Fresh Nori Shrimp & Clam // SGD 14.00

Sarah was the only one who decided to go for a whole different route though as you can see. Didn’t try it unfortunately, but I do have a picture for you to judge ;p

Fresh Nori Shrimp & Clam (Ala-Carte) // SGD 14.00

Let’s dig in! いただきます! Only use chopsticks to eat okay?(:

Oh and I forgot to mention, the portions are HUGE! Look at the plate(:

And now, for the bill. It came up to SGD 59.44 for the meal for 3 of us which is pretty decent I guess. Plus we did enjoy our food, the company and the overall atmosphere! The only minus points will be the super slow arrival of the food, probably it’s something they can work on(:

Total bill(:

Would I be back at Yomenya Goemon?
Maybe if I’m around the area(:

Would I recommend it?
Actually, I would! The food is decent, portions are huge, really affordable for the price paid. Great to come with friends. Not so much for couples on a love date as the place is quite noisy. Well, unless you don’t mind(:

That’s it for this review! I hope you liked it!(:
Ending this off with a group shot with my lovely girls:

I love y’all!

Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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